1. The Wall is back! you can comment here If needed ^_^

  2. ^_^

  3. new comments system as well! 🙂

  4. hi! just testing the chat = ) gj with the sec2! (just re-discovered fear combat)

  5. No one said anything about the new look of the page 🙁

  6. oh awesome page now oO

  7. Nice work ;p

  8. Hej!!! Guys i instal fear full with sec2 and dosent work why? i download game for us east but im from europe…maybe i must download fear from eu? help

  9. i’m sorry! i didn’t saw last look of the page xD this one is awesome btw!! =D

  10. hey for some reason every time i run the game i can seem to get past the server loading il get to it click the sever then it wont go ????

  11. Фаёзжон Бердиев

    hi 2 all ya!

  12. lol ok 😛

  13. @smokingkills: what you mean with “Doesn’t work” ? The download location doesn’t change anything.

  14. @Bryan: you use the Game version SEC2 1.1? If you do but It doesn’t connect, check your firewall settings!

  15. Please Team Captains publish here the info needed to contact you!

    =MXT=Alpha team:

    xfire: fredcpp

    email: fred.cpp@gmail.com

    facebook: http://fb.com/fredcpp

  16. Loving the new site theme fred! loads the server list and this message wall 10x faster

  17. Several changes were made, I like It too 🙂

  18. Yea,everythings much clearer now,and the entire load time is great.i used to just click the show server list now i dnt need too 😀 another job well done freddy

  19. 3on3 TDM Round 1 is now live! Team captains start scheduling your matches!

  20. Site looks great!

  21. Made a few tweaks to comments, shoutbox, and forum activity. Looks even better.

  22. German Ruiz Martinez

    Where can i get the CD key to play online?

  23. @German: en la barra lateral, arriba de este mini chat ^_^

  24. I’m available for referee today night and tomorrow night, xfire me.

  25. Someone in Germany wants to host a server for the tournament?

  26. this key only have four and game have five…
    help me pls

  27. If you have that problem, then you are using a old installer or don’t have the latest patch. Check the HELP/FAQ section. Question 3 http://fear-community.org/help/faq/

  28. like the new design! nice job

  29. i used to be able to get on the server, now it wont connect. firewall is off. i click on the server and it just says “connecting to server” for forever. any ideas?

  30. and then the connection times out

  31. hi papabur. where do you click to join? Ingame Server List?

  32. All the cases when this happens have turned out to be a Firewall issue. Some AV will prevent new files from connect when they are modified. Try to manually allow It to connect and, maybe reinstall the patch so the Firewall/Antivirus ask again and If It doesn’t, manually allow connection.

  33. hey how to get a cd key???? i play a server and first say CD-Key verification failed. i use this cd key in this page and say no have this cd key!

  34. thansk fred that worked, it was the virus protection

  35. he como puedo cambiar la contraseña para entrar aki

  36. gracias broh… hoy me paso algo raro con fear segun lo que me dijieron es que andaba flotando eso por que y me dejaron sin jugar el admi pero no me decia que tenia de malo

  37. Caminando sin mover los pies? eso no se permite; según se, solo se puede a propósito, Es considerado trampa.

  38. ok thx

  39. Hi guys,
    We are running 100 maps on VIP 100 CUSTOM MAPS.
    Join each day to add your 50 maps for we add 50 per day.
    Our goal is to run 500 maps!

  40. Did you manage to bypass the current game issues when using too much Arch00 files?

  41. Here is my beef.
    We are trying to keep Fear alive.
    Yet when I go into MXT, Phreeze kicks me.
    What i s the problem?

  42. Yes Fred I did.

  43. On the VIP servers, we NEVER kick a player.
    Remember our GOAL.
    Keep FEAR alive.

  44. always a fan of the vip maps,but a heads up,the map before bloodclot kicked me out with invalid game assets,and bloodclot, dunno if the issue is on my end or what tho 😀

  45. frazzle,u mind if i use a few of those maps on my own server,i rarely run it but some of ur maps are fkin cool

  46. the vip 100 is still on bloodclot! is it stuck? :p

  47. @Frazzle; well, we don’t kick players for no reason; known reasons for It are: high latency (autokick, our limit is 350, should be enough for everybody). Inactivity, usually more than 5 mins. insults or bad behaivour, like blocking flag capture; suspicious activity ( undetected speedhack, pickup hack ) or glitching.

  48. i can’t even tell how many fucking times i have registered here to get a new fucking key because i keep getting fucking banned by the idiot fucking kgb idiots >< ..look… i will just keep coming back. you can't stop me ..i om…

  49. i can’t even tell how many ******* times i have registered here to get a new ******* key because i keep getting ******* banned by the ***** fucking kgb ***** >< ..look… i will just keep coming back. you can't stop me ..i om…

  50. eh i got something weird, no server loads maps and on my own servers i get cd key verification failed, i restarted them all, still the same thing, please shed some light on this tnx in advance

  51. =MXT=PsYcHo, Feel free to use any map you want, That is why they are there, Cheers

  52. @m!sT@ke I’m almost sure is a issue with that CDKey, as I said, we are investigating.

  53. @traget hmm do I know you? Also, please note that we have a forum to report abusive admin actions, like unjustified bans. Or, were they justified?

  54. Lately some servers are not listed… I try and try pushing the search button in Internet servers, but =MXT=CTF is many times not listed, nor [WK]~War Server, nor KGB TDM, nor [BOS] Jim are listed too. I get about 49 servers while there are at least 63 servers out there. I have the last version of the files. Then, in the website it are confirmed to be up and running !? I guess it’s a later bug, as it never happened before.

  55. banned by kgb idiots? i thought kgb removed key verification entirely.and i wouldnt be so cocku target,a new key wont always get around a ban,ip,ip range bans etc 😛

  56. @frazzle Great 😀 fun exploring sometimes with no one to keep killing u haha

  57. what does that mean?

  58. OH i get it. LOL

  59. @Psycho: Maybe It turns out that CDKeys are actually needed…
    @VMS(SPA): this is a topic we have been discussed for some time; when a server is too stressed sometimes loses packets or doesn’t repply queries. happens a lot. Also, there are other known issues, Phreeze is working on those too. Maybe he will share some more info in the next days. Meanwhile, adding servers to your fav list will earn you this problem, because they will always be available in the fav. servers tab.

  60. needed or not i am aware that the cd-keys serve an important purpose.What i meant was,why would he sign up for a new key if kgb didnt use keys,kgb can not ban u from mxt so its confusing lol

  61. please un-ban me on mxt-ctf i am not a speedhacker!!! i am not an idiot to risk for ban.tnx

  62. Thx. Fred for the reply. MXT CTF is already in my Fav. tab but when doubleclicking on it a message tells that such server has different version (!?) So can’t play at all in several of the best servers

  63. Hey, the FEAR Launcher 1.4 works nice for retrieving all the running servers! So the launcher is needed still for listing all servers. Now It’s Ok for me with the launcher.

  64. Once you have the latest patch you don’t need the launcher. You can keep using It If you want, but with the patch, you don’t need to wait for long time to join.

  65. @popeye: we have contact info for that, so we can investigate the case (contact form in my page)

  66. looking for fear players! join us today – http://www.skilledsoldiers.com/

  67. serverlist is back up after dos attack

  68. FYI, We are running 215 maps on VIP.
    If you get IGA, it is because you are running Fear retail.
    For some reason Fear retail will give you IGA on combat.We will soon have 500 maps loaded.
    Once you download them – they are you do do as you wish!

  69. Oops,
    Once you download them – they are yours to do as you wish! Cheers

  70. quiero jugar en =MTX=DM madnes pero cada ves que quiero entrar me tira un error transfering.file (MXTBurlyBrawlsnd.arch00)
    que sera

  71. interesante. dejame checar.

  72. :S No me funciona muy bien los servers, me salen errores.

  73. Frazzle,can i get ur x-fire ? wanna ask u something 😀

  74. mine is ant187 🙂

  75. =MXT=PsYcHo, I do not have x-fire.
    You can email me at kevtheflyer@yahoo.com

  76. I own this game but I want it on Steam. If I buy it on steam will I be able to play multiplayer? Steam says no.

  77. If you install the patch on top of the game, you can play multiplayer ( I play It this way ).

  78. |TGS|Alpha +1 Warning
    // =GR= +1 Warning
    ( Check the forum)

  79. Guys, please avoid glitching! It will be a shame If a team is disqualified because of that :/

  80. Hola….

  81. Hola. Puedes preguntar en español.

  82. Wave I am new in this have a problem to connect to the game. I install it with the original intalador, let’s patch it and him the cd key aparesian changes the servers but not entrab divided wing that because the cd key esra invalidates according to the game. Good unfell the juice of the comunida and aora not aparesen the servers nicon the patch helps that eslo that I owe aser to be able to play fear

  83. I HAVE A QUESTION. Why Satan is admin in mxt ctf server? He is total idiot, always change map when he’s losing, speaks to all noobs…does not want to play even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. I gave him scmd because he helped us to ban some hackers that came at late night. I’ll check the logs to see what’s going on, thanks (But this should be posted in MXT CTF Server page in gametracker ^_^ )

  85. satan wasnt the one changing the map earlier it was me and here is why,someone called a vote and it was 10/11 or something,one off and i hadnt voted.so i logged in and skipped.satan is a good admin,iv only known him log in to use balance then he logs out..

  86. Hello, Does anyone know how to remove -Rules and – Server message from the load screen?
    Thanks in advance:)

  87. frazz the dedicated server window has a rules tab or in the server options text u have “ServerMessage=” i think thats the bottom part and “BriefingOverrideMessage=”

  88. Don’t play your matches in the last minute!

  89. @Frazzle: Put “\n” values for both ServerMessage and BriefingOverrideMessage in ServerOptions.txt

  90. Thanks for your replies, I know how to remove the text, But I want to remove the words Rules and Server message from the screen. Thanks again 🙂

  91. That can’t be done without a Install Mod ( so can’t be fone for standard Servers)

  92. done *

  93. OK, thanks for your reply.

  94. np ^_^

  95. Thank you guys for keeping FEAR alive!
    Have played for 8 years.
    Only game I play.
    We have 2 players on VIP, that are older than we are.
    Poacher is 82, OTICON1 is 73.
    May we all be playing FEAR at their age!

  96. will love that!

  97. We are accepting voluntaries to help with the multilingual forums for support. I will run the spanish one, someone else interested in running a specific language?

  98. buenas me podías dar un enlace que fear que me funciones,gracias

  99. Is the registration down? A friend tried registering and it’s stuck on loading the human verification. I tried from 2 different browsers and it’s stuck for me too.

  100. looks like registration is down. If someone wants to register, we can create the account manually, please use the contact form to request user creation while we repair the register process.

  101. Registering works now. Thanks to whoever fixed it.

    (Hi jihad :D)

  102. Registering works now.

  103. (To the person who approves shout box things sorry I spammed this many messages I didn’t know they were waiting to be approve…) *don’t approve this one or my last.

  104. np ^_^ And yeah, It’s fixed now 😀

  105. Fred, I want to send you a private message. How can I do it?

  106. my xfire:fredcpp; twitter:@fredcpp; skype:fredcpp; email:fred.cpp@gmail.com; facebook:fb.com/fredcpp; or use the contact form >_<

  107. as I commented, this is a temporal issue, and should be fixed soon. No need to patch/update anything for now.

  108. Hi, how can I download a fear_8.arch00 file? In-game when I’m trying to connect to any server it’s returning information to being disable to download such file

  109. Looks like you patched from 1.07 to 1.10, but you should have first updated to 1.08 and after that, patch to 1.10. I think we can workaround this, please check your email.

  110. Yes, I should… but I didn’t read about this accurately. My bad. When I just add missing file to the game folder would it fix problem or do I have to reinstall game? ( patch 1.07 to 1.08 caused crush, but I’m sure it’s possible to upgrade game, just bit of patience is needed)

  111. yeah, I sent you instructions to get the files using the launcher. I discourage the usage of the launcher because can be conflictive If not used properly, but you should get It done with easy.

  112. There are no DM Stock Servers o.O

  113. Hi ppl! Wondering if MXT CTF Reloaded scoring system was changed. As I remember taking flag (just touching it, not capturing) was 15 pts. Now it is 50. Am I right?))

  114. anyone an idea why i cannot see any servers in the server list at all??

  115. Yeah, master server is down. It Is a good idea to add your fav servers to favourites, or use recent servers list in xfire. The Master Server should be back online soon.

  116. But then I don’t really understand why there is an active list with players online playing on gametracker.com

  117. Gametracker doesn’t depend on a master server, but on their own system. Only Servers purchased at GameServers.com are automatically listed. You can add your own server, but It must resolve to a static IP. Gametracker periodically scans the registered servers and updates their list.
    FEAR-Community Master Server, in the other hand, builds the list based on the servers that are started, like in the old days the Original Sierra FEAR Master Server worked. When a Server is started, It registers Itself at Master Server, and gets listed. Then, every certain time, It beathearts the master server to “keep alive”. The problem is, making a server like this is not easy, and some issues can occur, like now. Phreeze has worked hard to make It work, and so far It does, but occasional glitches can be expected. But he keeps improving It and gaining stability, so please be patient. GameSpy made this system with years of work, with several people and vast (technical and economic) resources. 1 man made the current one, with nothing more than love for FEAR, so for me, he has made dozens of miracles already.

  118. Wow thanks a lot! That’s one great answer! BTW I figured it out, how to get it going using the IP of the server. Thanks for your work! Great job!

  119. btw Phreeze already got It fixed ^_^

  120. Yea, it’s temporarily fixed, and I know what the issue is, just need to find time to permanently fix it! :-O

  121. Guess who is back in town

  122. Thanks for some new maps in mxt server 🙂

  123. Matches not played will be assigned for Sunday afternoon. Good luck to everybody.

  124. Any ideas why opening FEARMP.exe may cause blue screen of death(memory dump0) on Windows 7?

  125. Hi fear dudes please vote me here:https://www.facebook.com/questions/499250336790437/ the 2o ”Summer is hot by Vasileiadis Sotiris”thanks a lot

  126. Yoann- It could be a driver issue, Open the Control Panel/Action Center. The “Maintenance” area should have an entry for the problem.If not check the event viewer for any issues

  127. Hey, does somebody know why there always comes “You already have an account. If you have forgotten your password, please click the ‘forgot password’ link.” – although neither the nickname, nor the e-mail-adress is registered? (on fearcombat.org)

  128. Maybe registrations are closed in fearcombat.org, basically all the functionality is now in fear-community.org

  129. TheRealFearless


  130. fearless you are a noob

  131. My game crashes the second I click on it and says “Fear stopped workIng” anyone know what could be wrong?

  132. To our new players –

    Write the following down
    Set EVERYTHING on minimum, and turn off everything
    Do this on both, advanced computer and video
    Next go to display and set Hud text scaling to small then large, do this every day before you play!!!
    This will help you see players chat WAY easier!
    While in display, set your gamma to 3/4 (this may seem bright at first, but it is way easier to see the players!
    Ten set your resolution to 1024×768
    Next, go to game, the first thing is crosshair, there are 5 bars, move the 1st and 3rd sliders to far left
    Move the others to far right
    Turn off gore and move the head bob slider to far left
    In client settings, allow redirect content and allow unlimited
    You will now play better!


  133. hey Frazzle; would you like to contribute with the help section? we could integrate the tips into the help menu of the site; even include images or something; so more people can see It! ^_^

  134. Fred, email me and ask what you would like, thanks

  135. @Frazzle: If you’re using the FEAR Combat SEC2 v1.1 client, you do not need to repeat the HUD scaling setting every day. I fixed this so that it properly saves the setting in your profile and restores it the next time you launch.

  136. Phreeze, Awesome thanks!
    Nice work

  137. Fred, can you watch for “SA1BOT” and “F3LIP3!”? They are very suspect. It seems they use speed hack. I never saw this speed before and I alredy saw a lot of skilled players.

  138. They are my Teammates from =MXT=Origin, I was watching while they were playing ( in my PC and the other; I told em to stop trolling around, but they are young and get bored with easy. Anyway I can tell you they are as clean as someone can be.

  139. Is it possible in this game to communicate by voice? Do i need other programs or what?

  140. ₣☼χħậǘŋІŘĂŤŠ†

    SSG Tolek – aimbot. approved by clan RATS. Even SSG clanmembers saw aimbot and try tried to ban this bitch.

  141. Right, I was amazed at how he plays. I often see him how plays on mxt

  142. @Mateusz: not built-in. Most people use teamspeak3 or mumble. This site has its own teamspeak3 server you can use:

  143. “₣☼χħậǘŋД what do you mean toleks clanmates wanted to ban him? im his only clanmate and he doesnt hack, dont get it twisted son

  144. Bullets not showing again; no one of his team has been online!

  145. i can confirm Tolek is not using aimbot, i play with him often and is clean

  146. ₣☼χħậǘŋІŘĂŤŠ†

    F.E.A.R. Combat SSG Tolek aimbot

    (spectating and rec R-g-style)

    Filip, sure sure lol ))

  147. Dude , maybe there was another player wich has taken Tolek s name…

  148. whats goin on? we dq’ed or can we still play?

  149. You should play as soon as possible! as I said in the forums, the idea is to play, so try to make It.

    Roumania has 8 hours difference, so you need to play almost at America’s noon hours.

  150. Buddypress is re-enabled on the site. Feel free to update your profiles/avatars! 🙂

  151. confirmed you are dq’d. bring on the semis now

  152. ahahha Phreeze))))

  153. hahah you look so gay sergei 😀

  154. Semifinal Roumania vs wp Videos are online. They are listed below.

  155. Всем привет, Русские есть?

  156. Can someone translate? 😛

  157. he or she sayed:can i sucks some dicks around here/? 😀

  158. ₣☼χħậǘŋІŘĂŤŠ†

    omg ologu78, why u always talking about dicks? r u really gay? 😀
    MXT, he sayd: “Any russian guys here?”

  159. все русские играют на своей игре.так что качайте нашу игру и го играть с нашым народом:))

  160. какую Вашу игру? чо там химичите :/

  161. Red-green-štyle

    Димон, это что за игра такая?)

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