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Ingame Server List Is empty

UPDATE: This is a old post and this problem is now fixed, please read the latest posts.

Today the FEAR Server List has been showing empty, we think this is a server problem but wwe hope It gets fixed soon. If not, we are ready to take some action about It, but we will wait some more.

Meanwhile, If you have xfire, you can join by your ingame favourites or recent servers.

UPDATE: GameSpy is closing support for several games, so we could be there too. We are still waiting for a official version.

Meanwhile check the FEAR launcher hotfix, this should let you play without problems, we are working hard on fix all the issues this is causing.

Server Admins: Do not restart your server.

FEAR Combat Key Updater Tool

The tool that lets you update your cd-key from outside FEAR is ready for download.

As you may have already noticed, the new FEAR cd-keys are not the same size as the old ones, meaning that they can not be updated from within FEAR.

To help you on this, we created a tool that will make this process easy.

You can find it in the downloads section.

Extra help on updating your key, with the tool or manually, can be found In the help section.

If you need any extra assistance with updating your key, please make a post in this forum:



New Installer coming

This weekend We will complete a new installer that will allow you to get FEAR Combat 1.08 in a single file, and support for new keys from install and easy FEAR CDKey Editor.

This Installer will support several languages, starting with English and Spanish, but other will be added soon. And the best Is you can have several languages installed simultaneously.

Initial release date is scheduled for this weekend, the extra languages will be added as soon as I can get the localization files, this can take more days but I hope is 1 or 2 weeks at much.

I want to say thanks for the huge support to the existing players, and the new ones, please be patient as we are working as much as we can to offer you a good gaming experience!