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  1. Say hi to our new Shoutbox ^_^

  2. Looks like the site is running much better now, please comment about It ^_^

  3. I noticed the page still loads pretty slow even on my speed,take a peek at this http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/

  4. Fear isn`t dead 😀

  5. I sent a repply there, I have had that issue and It’s very weird :/

  6. Hi Fred.cpp.
    I was playing =MXT= CTF server just now 10 minutes ago and was suddenly banned for no reason?? I didn’t use any cheats or hacks or troll in the server and was suddenly banned? I saw =MXT= WhippingPost playing too, wonder if you did ban me. To set records straight I didn’t do any undesirable things.

  7. @NP4SY i was playing and i saw you there too. I did not ban you. I did not even login as admin. I know you do not cheat and i really enjoy you gaming style. I’m not sure what happened but we will check and see what happened. Are you still banned or was you just kicked?

  8. I unbanned him, btw this is a Community related site. try our Gametracker page for MXT related issues ^_^

  9. yo hi guys im new here 🙂

  10. Hi Tronix, Welcome ^_^

  11. anybody who can help me with the security server

  12. What do you need?

  13. well, it looks like the tournament is going to be TDM.. we should open a topic in the tournament group forum for discussion

  14. Yeah, I stopped commenting to let people vote; but looks like It Is time for It.

  15. im ready i have a very gaming friendly schedule now so i will be more active 🙂

  16. now i just have to remain sober lol yea right!

  17. lol that doesn’t sound promising 😛
    Anyway, I hope we can make this tournament much faster, you know, not all of us have so much time for It 🙁

  18. LER7-BAB6-JYX5-BYX6-****

  19. That’s one of the Blacklisted CDKeys. Is Blacklisted because Is Included in a well known hack ^_^

  20. Thing is,u still need these older keys if u want to join a SEC server which is annoying lol

  21. there are twice SEC2 servers than SEC Servers ^_^

  22. Yea but SOMETIMES all the good ones are full so u gotta suck it up and hit a SEC one :p

  23. hi i need serial keys

  24. By registering you get one (Is in the big button above this shoutbox)

  25. Note; Sam wants cd keys “plural” sam you get one key 🙂 this way if someone is hacking with the key we all will know!

  26. that was mean whip LMAO the obvious flaw here … nah nvm

  27. Hello, I can’t join a Linux server, help please?

  28. Hi everyone. Does anyone know if there is a way to change your username?

  29. Ingame: yes (Client settings)
    In the Site: Not your username, but your display name, in your profile page.

  30. hey all, I’ve got some trouble with fear online, I got the message “disconnected from server” or it doesn’t load and I have to shut down fear because its freeze, any ideas ? Thanks

  31. Does this happen on all servers?

  32. @=MXT=Fred.cpp yes indeed, I really don’t know why it just happened suddenly, all went good until today.

  33. backup your key.ini file, delete the MonolithProductions/FEARCombat folder in shared documents and create a empty one again. Restore the key.ini file and It should work. If not, post again, we can make a live test ^_^

  34. Okay I’m gonna do that, I will keed you adivse, thanks for your help ! Anyhow I do have fear on steam i hadn’t download the fear combat on internet, does it make a difference ?

  35. the Folder is named MonolithProductions/FEAR instead. that’s the only difference ^_^

  36. Sadly it doesn’t work 🙁 I’ve deleted the entire file then launch fear, the file recreates itself then I’ve put my .ini file, then restart fear and go to multiplayer mod, but still the same. Do you have any other suggestions ? Thanks in advance

  37. Hi everyone i’m downloading the game and i think i’m gonna like it! 🙂
    Any advice? I can just click play and i will get into a game?

  38. hey Patrizio. Yeah: Download/install/add your CDKey/play. If you need something just ask ^_^

  39. I’m here again @=MXT=Fred.cpp, I just saw your mail on my own mailbox, how to send a private message on the sec2 website ? Thanks in advance

  40. So how do i find server? And where i have to put my cd key?

  41. Patrizio, your CDKey can be added once the game is installed ( CDkey updater tool )
    And the servers are in the game / Multiplayer / find servers/ double click some ( they must have SEC2 in the mapname, but most of the servers with players are SEC2 already )

  42. project_kill, I mailed you again, check It ^_^

  43. The .exe don’t open, what’s up?

  44. I guess you mean the exe installer. Usually is caused because your antivirus try to scan It before open, but the file is too big and fails. Disable your AV and try again.

  45. exe dont open.buddy u really need to be way more detailed or this could take forever,task manager,open the process list tab,keep it on top.try the exe.see if the installer process appears then goes. i would recommend process explorer “freeware,google it) thats a starting point

  46. Does anyone in Aus or NZ still play?

  47. Hi. I have a problem. I just registered at the site and got my new cd-key. But when i enter it in fear multiplayer in client settings it says: invalid cd key. How if i got it from this site?

  48. Hey all,
    I’m writing into the shoutbox again because.. I do have some trouble with FEAR again !
    This is the same thing, It looks like a freeze on the FEAR menu when I’m trying to connect into any server. This doesn’t make stuck the PC, but all what I can do is CTRL + ALT + SUP to shut down FEAR because I cannot do anything.
    All suggestions are truly welcome !
    Thanks you in advance for your help.

  49. Some AntivirusV/Firewall is blocking FEAR from connecting to the net! I know this problem before, try with another AV/FW solution.

  50. I’ve already desactivated all my av/ firewall I have avast + spybot (I never let windows firewall enabled) but it still doesn’t work sadly.

  51. avast s not troublesome afaik. If you don’t have firewall enabled, maybe It’s something else, but It’s weird since usually is only the that the problem. But freezing in the loadscreen is always because of that OR a hard graphical issue. maybe you should update your video drivers?

  52. This is probably a graphical issue. I do have a custom graphic card on my laptop, it’s not the best for me to play with it (intel 4 series express chipset family) and a crappy connection wich is to 100 ko/s to 1000 ko/s. I cannot update my drivers I already tried that it told me that I have to contact the supplier and all this kind of sh**.

  53. Is anyone has suggestions for the “graphical issue” ? since it tells me that I have to tell the constructor for the graphic card. Thanks in advance

  54. hi all fear friends just wait to run my server again

  55. we are working on It already

  56. Now i’m angry. Fred, idk who did it but now fear is really died lool. I thought that fear will still alive but now?! wtf??!!! 90% ppl who’s playing in fear now won’t play…PLZ DO SOMETHING

  57. Releasing a temporal fix in the same day It happened says something. Phreeze is testing a fix for the server too, we are working hard on It!

  58. hey dziala wam fear czemu serwerów nie szuka??????

  59. pobrać launcher



  62. sorry, I speak spanish and english, try downloadint the launcher to connect servers. the list will be updated later, but has some working servers (MRSA is down)

  63. Hi i hope you be fine fear funs,is there any progress for the problem gamespy arcade;

  64. looks like Master Server Is down… but Not everything has been said.

  65. i am working on new server build that will hopefully fix the server launching issues. until then, admins plz do not restart your servers! 🙂

  66. Hey people…iuts not just FEAR but Halo CE master is down too, at least for the trial version which has been running for 11 years. Merry Christmas till then

  67. Hi guys if i can help you somehow please tell me

  68. as you always used, the faforite option is still working,
    you can add servers bij ip and port like this.
    when clients or server admins registered there servers on gametracker.
    you will see the Ip and port numbers and how many players ingame.
    use this benefit for now to join our servers.

  69. Iam with you guys 100% and i support your attempts to keep fear alive

  70. guys some news?

  71. Only that GameSpy is still without give an official announcement. For now the Launcher seems to work, but is the best we can do before we know wha will exacly happen now.

  72. wow that’s unexpected!
    I don’t have a way to test on other languages, I guess I need to check It out asap! :O

  73. Hello how everybody is doing

  74. Phreeze managed to make the list of servers show players and map 🙂 Genius ^_^ // So we are moving ahead 😉

  75. We rolling!!!!!

  76. @Server admins: plz ensure your server is registered on gametracker.com. We are currently scraping from there until a replacement master server can be written

  77. Sending more peeps here

  78. hi all new here looks good just like to say thanks

  79. dobry den nainstaloval jsem fear a kdyz spustim nenactou se mi mapy pomoc

  80. hallo finde auch keinen server hatt jemand eine idee ??

  81. Download the FEAR Launcher, It has the server list.

  82. Updated some dead links

  83. I fixed the “unknown online players” regresion in the launcher, but I got 2 regresions more: no support for 1.07 and no support for Private servers. I guess It’s ok for now?

  84. this is, until the new master server is online.

  85. Donations donations donations. Help us get the FEAR Master server running.All donations go entirely to this project

  86. just like to say thanks for all the help people give me cheers

  87. Fred, all you work is greatly appreciated.

  88. Say thanks too to Phreeze and everybody involved in the development and support of the game 🙂

  89. my donation is in it is my gift to my fear family!!Merry christmas guys!! <3

  90. yee Merry Christams everyone!

  91. i need the sec2 email plastiras***@*****.**

  92. my new key crach why?

  93. Yo everybody, nice work on the new SEC2 7.1 =MXT=fred.cpp/[eAu]phreeze

  94. yea even with the cd key from fear community it says its unvalid when i join

  95. i have the same problem here, trying to diagnose with Holland a bit

  96. I am gettting reports of some keys not working, this has 2 scenarios: trying to use a key in a server that hasn’t updated to SEC2 7.1: keys won’t work ( the server needs update). Or maybe scenario 2: the key doesn’t work. I’ve confirmed 1 key that didn’t work at all, and we are investigating these cases.

  97. i have the servers updated to SEC2 7.1 and i cant enter yet either

  98. I can fonfirm 2 invalid keys, maybe there are more. we will need some time to check that, maybe we missed a batch. Please be patient.

  99. i rolled back the servers to old SEC2 Beta7 but my key still doesnt work…

  100. i changed the serveroptions file to the 1 included in SEC2 7.1, now my key works… 🙂

  101. lol
    I must check that, thanks, I didn’t check all the content of the packade Phreeze sent :$

  102. np glad to help out anytime

  103. HEADS UP TO ALL SERVERADMINS: update your serveroptions file to the 1 included in the SEC2 7.1 rar, and keep on lanonly=1 for the moment this solves all current problems, i know they are working on it…

  104. LanOnly=1 should NOT be required, and actually LanOnly=0 is required for your server to appear on the server list when that functionality is turned on in the future.

  105. About keys not working, looks like It’s because some servers haven’t updated to SEC2 Beta 7.1 confirmed updated servers are MXT, Nightfire and i7, I’m sure more are already updated, but I don’t know exactly the list.

  106. Well, from this day on RaW Recruits is running the newest SEC 7.1 and it seems to work fine 🙂

  107. I see a lot of known names registered, thanks for the support guys! we hope we can build a even more solid community ^_^

  108. i can’t see any servers on my list? isn’t working yet?

  109. FEAR MAster Server is down permanently. That list won’t work anymore… until we release a fix 🙂 This will be done soon, meanwhile you can use the FEAR Launcher to search and join servers.

  110. looks like most SEC2 keys reports about keys not working are because of extra spaces at the end of the key o.O ( to avoid this problem use the FEAR Launcher to update It).

  111. Why none cd key does not work to my fear?

  112. If you are using a key from fear-community.org you can’t add IT inside the game. must use the FEAR Launcher or update It manually (check the help section). If Is an old key, is because We are moving away from GameSpy services (Including old CDKeys).

  113. If you guys an gals ned help with your CD keys or the launcher message me I will take the necessary time to help

  114. Players with the following names VoLTzy
    Remember your old FEAR key will no longer work only by registering ,downloading the launcher and adding your new key from here will you be able to play once more 🙂

  115. fear luncher doesn’t work!! help

  116. don’t worry i found out how to use it

  117. azeem17 glad you got through 🙂

  118. I think he said It works ^_^
    btw the new launcher seems to work fine but I found a new bug, will publish a small update within mins.

  119. So far so good Fred.One thing tho.Players are asking why it takes so long to connect.I could explain but it would be 2 pages 🙂 Maybe make a post on the upcoming fixes we are working on lolz

  120. why we need gamespy i manually entered ip server at the game and play but where is lla players FEAR R FEAR SERVER

  121. Help cannot join servers. Have left details in forums. Tried new CD key and Launcher.

  122. Server List update will be ready tomorrow, sorry for the delay ^_^

  123. where is all layer at the fear r fear

  124. ну так зачем нам надо геймспай елси можно рвучную ввести айпишник сервера и играть??????

  125. This is me Kunal
    i got 2 know that all the players got unbanned bt this is 2 tell that some hacker is hacking very badly on the server he is using his name as
    MXTBorknagar* but he is nt actual borknagar just a spoofed 1 so if
    community can take some steps against him it will be good!!!


  126. when r next tournament starting

  127. mary christmas

  128. Merry Christmas

  129. Happy Kwanzaa biatches!

  130. Thank you to everyone for the very generous donations! We can all look forward to a new year of F.E.A.R, and many more to come! 🙂

  131. Merry Christmas to all and may Fear carry on for ever.

  132. Merry X’mas and happy holidays ^_^

  133. Happy New Year all, guys!!!

  134. win 8 pro 64, installed game, registered, entered cd key, downloaded launcher, start game, searching games > blank, no servers.

    In launcher click on community addon update, get pop-up window script error:

    Line: 1
    Char: 1
    The value of the property ‘GetUpdates’ is null or undefined. Not a Functional object.

    Code: 0

    URL: file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Sierra/FEARCombat/Launcher.hta

    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

    help? 🙁

  135. you are still using the old launcher.
    Browse the game directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra\FEARCombat ) and you will notice 1 Launcher.hta and 1 Launcher.exe; the new one is the exe.
    Ingame you won’t see games until the next update. that will fix that.

  136. Good news peeps … I’m currently testing a new version of FEAR client with a working in-game server browser reading from the fear-community.org server list!

  137. Happy New Year Every1

  138. Is it possible to get rid of the 2 minute connectiong to serv anytime soon already?..

  139. Yeah, Phreeze already fixed that, but we haven’t released It; It will be published soon, as well as fix for the ingame CDKey update and Better load times for the ServerList in the Launcher.

  140. @Arca: yea, I will be releasing a new fear client patch very soon that will fix the 2 min connect issue, server browser list, and other misc. issues. I’ve been testing it and it’s working really good actually!

  141. That’s great news, I might even start playing again then =]

  142. Are all the servers in maintenance ? I’m getting kicked of every servers 🙁

  143. Sometimes I can connect me to the servers but most of the time this is “You have been kicked from the server”, or sometimes “Cd Key Verification Failed” but damn I’ve already resolved that problem if you remember @=MXT=Fred.cpp 😀

  144. I cant play D: i’ve fear combat only multiplayer asnd it says that the cd keys is invalid!! how i can play?? pls help me :'(

  145. you get disconnected from server. Remember how we fixed It that time? you would need to do the same again.

  146. dafuq is this shit? tried to install fear… windows says I need to download this… and this… and this…

    would be much better if I simply could install fear and start playing… -.-

  147. What installer did you use?
    So far all you need is the community installer (and DiretX9 If your system doesn’t have It, but usually you do unless you haven’t installer almost anything on It), and until we release the game patch, you would need the Launcher to find servers. Is not our fault GameSpy has taken down the Master Server, yet we are trying to keep everything running (We a re a community of supporters, not the publishers, If we would be, all should be easier).

  148. I downloaded the latest installer which you can find on this page… nothing happend by clicking on it…
    I downloaded the windows installer 4.5 installed it. After this I had to install .Net FX and installed it.

    I tried clicking the installer again → it started but there are no servers online… what am I doing wrong?

  149. The Servers are not showing because GameSpy, who mantained the FEAR Master Server, closed It. A permanent fix for that will be released in some days, meanwhile you can use the FEAR Launcher ( In the downloads section ) so you can find servers and join ( also you can change your password and language).

  150. hello admin, when i try to join a server, with the Launcher, it says: ”Required content cannot be downloaded. (FEAR:8Arch00)
    pls help!

  151. i mean i start the launcher, choose a server. then FEAR is starting, then FEAR try to connect and then came this message from the 1rst post 🙁 sry for my bad English i come from Austria
    pls help!

  152. looks like you are using the 1.07 version? If not, did you try to change the game language? If that didn’t work, revert to english. and optionally install again the launcher, this time adding the Languages folder to the game folder.

  153. how do you run in windowed mode?

  154. you don’t, as far as I know, but maybe Is possible, idk. Why?

  155. well far as i can this launcher give me some errors…i installed and i wait like forever to load servers list..infact its doesnt..so?

  156. how do you run fear in windowed mode?

  157. I think It’s not possible; why you think It can be done?

  158. but how do people stream fear without windowed mode?

  159. As far as I can tell, It’s easier to stream/broadcast in fullscreen. Show me a video/image of It in windowed mode :/

  160. Thanks man.
    I can finally play on my favorite server. “VIP LOUNGE 2” 😉

  161. Is the master server down?

  162. The GameSpy Master server for FEAR is down, but the new Master Server is up and running.

  163. Updated the FAQ ^_^

  164. Thank Phreez and Fredo, and for all those who worked to keep alive the fear….
    many many thanx to Fear-community… :* <3 :hug:

  165. tardará años en bajarse el nuevo parche u.u

  166. baja solo la actualización! alguno de los ultimos links, nada mas.

  167. hey hey, long time … maybe i’m coming back home <3

  168. hey L! WB! ^_^

  169. hi all,this instation fear_combat_110_community_en_full.exe – Mirror 4 (Europe – London) for only europe or ???/

  170. I’m sure u can use it from anywhere. The location may just improve your speed.

  171. ok thanks Phreeze…

  172. да пиздец но когда я качаю новый патч я немомугу скачать.есть проблемы

  173. The Patch or the Installer?

  174. nice works guys

  175. Great Job Guys !!!

  176. hope that 1.4 is better ; thx for your work, guys !!!

  177. thnx or the additional mirrors @rebel and @obi !

  178. awsome work guys, srry i was out of state and off the grid for a week and a few days but im home again..i tryed the new installer and i love it thanks

  179. How come newest installer is telling me my key is invalid. I just signed up today?

  180. Maybe you have a extra space at the end?

  181. fear_combat_110_community_en_full.exedon’t work. d3d.dll not found (winxp)

  182. @Metzler: You need to download and install latest DirectX package.

  183. @Metzler: did you install DirectX9 when prompted during the installation?

  184. @Metzler: also this can happen if you installed the FPS Limiter during the install wizard, and have some other incompatible d3d hook registered

  185. i have copy d3d9.dll into fear folder. now working thanks.

  186. i have a problem with the launcher it say something about inner exception somebody can help me ?

  187. i have a problem with the launcher
    something about inner exception

  188. Ya no necesitas el launcher, instala el patch e inicia el juego normal! 😀

  189. fred…help…i got an error message that says..” the index is outside the bounds of the array”>>>>

  190. Where do you get that error? I tested 1 second ago and It’s working fine. I have the latest Patch and no Launcher.

  191. Error: Verify your Internet connection. An exception occurred during the operation, making results invalid. Any ideas on that at launcher start up?

  192. Officially the launcher is no longer supported, I’m working on check If we can bring back functionality to It, but most of the features It has are moved into the FEAR Patch, so Is no longer needed.

  193. when ever i launch the fear launcher it says error verfiy your index connection was out of bound of aray
    what do i do? plz help

  194. I am trying to open my server and it is not loading is ther any program or patch need ??

  195. @frogystylepoopy: are you using the Server package available in downloads?
    @xziii: the FEAR Launcher is not needed/supported anymore, but It’s still working, I updated some global settings this early europe morning and should be working already.

  196. Why i cant open my server with the Custom maps…?

  197. I am frogystylepoopy and i used The Server package…

  198. The Launcher is working. We (Well Phreeze) is working on making the list as realtime as possible.

  199. For those who can’t make the custom content work, check you are not removing something from default.archcfg, this should be posted in the forums.

  200. fred this is confusing it says invalid cd key when ever i join a server what do i do

  201. I sent you an email.

  202. fred grazie per il tuo lavoro, per rendere fear ancora attivo, sei un grande

  203. Hi!
    I’ve got low fps with i7 + 8 go + 2 * 6950!
    Max and min graphics are the same.
    Any help?

  204. I just released FEAR Public Tools v1.

    check the download section for download.

  205. @mrpatate: define low FPS. Also specify resolution, OS, FEAR version, and if you are using the FPS Limiter included in the latest version.

  206. The server list in sidebar is now fully dynamic, reading from the master server! 🙂

  207. hey Mxt fred my “CR7“ poland.. I could insert your password on the server .. ^ ^ Champion.zespol thanks in Advance

  208. PLEASE PASSWORD FOR POLISH SERVER Team Championco??? “ thank you “ CR7


  210. @Phreeze
    It starts around 100+ and drops to 40 – 30 fps constantly.
    1920 * 1080 (other resolutions are the same)
    Windows 7 64 bit
    FEAR Combat (SEC2) v1.1
    In the first place i didn’t installed FPS Limiter and now, i’ve got it installed; same problem in the 2 cases.

  211. como puedo hacer funcionar “eltemor publico V1 herramientas

  212. @CR7, The pw of the fear-community.org servers is FEAR.
    @frogy: I though I already answered!

  213. @kleiner23, tenemos un foro sobre modding, por allá te contesto ^_^

  214. quiero hacer una pregunata ¿en este nuevo fear combat se pueden utilizar trucos o trampas?
    si la respuesta es SI no hay problema; pero si la respuesta es NO ¿porque algunos jugadores usan trucos y trampas? si esos jugadores deberian expulsarlo del o de los servidores? porque a mi me an expulsado de algunos servidores si yo no ago trampas ni trucos; en cambio a los que asen trampas aun sigen en los servidores.


  215. hosting provider is getting DDoS’d. Master server may be up & down for little while. :-/

  216. @kleiner23, el juego funciona aproximadamente igual que antes. La detección de trampas en SEC2 existe y saca a la mayoría de los hacks que son obvios para el server, pero algunos no son detectables; pero si eres baneado en algún server, es por que el admin te baneó; excepto que abuses de la tecla F, tengas conexion que te laguee demasiado y provoque que el server te vea aparecer y desaparecer o moverte muy rapido, etc.
    Por último, En los foros hay una sección para solicitar unban, si has sido baneado injustamente.


  218. contact me in xfire.

  219. hey fred, can’t see my vip executive loung server on my play computer, it doesn’t come up when i querry servers from internet, what the heck, please help

  220. This is for whippingpost … check it out dude..


  221. =^^MORDA’S CTF LAIR^^= is up an running but I want to convert it to maybe a control Server.Think its a good idea?

  222. Still melting my brain (and my friend’s pacience) to solve my problem, hope to get help about the message I send via the ‘contact’ page.

  223. Hi, i make an Update and got a new key, so i can play on other servers, but if i make my own server i can get on it, my friends doesnt seen it via Internet, and in the List here, i see my server but its declaired offline !?
    Sry for my bad english ! It is possibly fpr others make a server via Internet ???? Please Help !

  224. mmhh, thx for Help but i do this all (i think 😉 ) can see my server here http://master.fear-combat.org/api/serverlist-raw.php but not in Fear. LanOnly and simple standart Maps both on one PC, is that a Problem ?

  225. Server IP?

  226. Why my server has status offline, and I can see it only in LAN, and can’t see in list of servers in game?(((

  227. you checked the settings? Lanonly=0/1? set it on Lanonly=0 in serveroptionfile.
    olso check if you have any space before that line,
    Lanonly=0 Good
    ___Lanonly=0 Error

  228. At this moment my ip is , Naseweiss Server !
    LanOnly=0 , must be a portforwarding in my Router ?

  229. Nah, I don’t think that’s the case here, at least Naseweiss is describing his problem just like the one I am having. I too, checked that ‘LANOnly=0’ part in the server options and it’s fine.
    Must be another factor causing this issue. I’ve already sent a detailed description of my own situation to the ‘CONTACT’ section, but I guess that here I can get the answers more quickly.
    In fact, there IS something tha might be generating this error, the IP… I’m not an expert but, after I installed a wifi switch in my network, I began to have other problems like this one, like not being able to create lan based games through Hamachi (f.e: Minecraft lan based games…). And I think that my switch might be causing it all, but still I struggle to resolve this without having to just put it off my network, because this switch is very important to my needs.
    I hope that with this I might have make things clearer, and please don’t mind my english. 😛

  230. Master server is down atm, so I guess It’s hard to tell If your server is shown or not.
    About the issues with servers not showing, looks like port forward issue, and In the case of david_aeon, I didn’t repply because I was consulting Phreeze about that, and we think IT’s a local issue ( not fear-related), but didn’t want to just say “Is a local problem, fix It yourself” 😛 so we were doing some extra tests to try to replicate the issue ( with no success).
    About the master server, It should be back soon, checking.

  231. And yeah, the master server should be back soon…

  232. Ah ok, about my problem, will continue making tests among my friends, trying to get all the error variants, and will keep on the lookout here for anyone having trouble, if I get lucky, I’ll post my solution here too.
    Anyway, it’s nice to have such a useful shoutboard, you guys rock!

  233. Looks like the master server is working again, also I made some changes to the page so It won’t slowdown If the master doesn’t repply fast enough.

  234. Hey i downloaded the game —>fear_combat_108_full_communityhttp://www.fearcombat.org/cd-key verification failed<— and it still doesn't appear under cd-key like it appeared when i first registered and downloaded game…in meanwhile i upgraded my win to win7 and now i can't play bloody game…pls help 🙁

  235. You need the latest update, get It in the downloads section. The fear_combat_108_full_community installer doesn’t Include this update.

  236. fear_combat_108_to_110_community_en_patch? i do that and it shows errors like it won’t upgrade…

  237. all you need to do is copy the content of the rar into the game folder (you need administrative rights to copy files to the program_files folder)

  238. i did that and i’ll keep on trying tnx very much for help…if i really wont be able to play it some time then i’ll come back here and tease you some more 😀

  239. hey just to inform you i finally managed to downloaded it properly eventhough i was prompted to register under another name to get valid CD-Key…one question…why can’t I host a LAN only game and play maps, whenever i try, it loads for ages…?

  240. you can, but not from ingame. Instead use the FEAR Dedicated Server (SEC2) shortcut in the programs folder created during Install ( or run FEARServer.exe ). Then you can join the created server.

  241. tnx bro 😉

  242. Hi all,
    thx for helping, my Problem was the PortForwarding, my Router ignore all Ports after the first Port, if i put my Fear Port on first Place, it works (EASYBOX, mmmhh)

  243. good to know It’s fixed ^_^

  244. Hmm, so you found a solution through portfowarding? Interesting, now I have a clue to look for. Will post here if everything goes right, at least we’ll have this question answered for future users.

  245. OMFG!!! IT F%&$G WORKED!!! I removed my wifi router, and the server started like a miracle.
    …yeah, I’m feeling a little dumb by not being able to realize that by myself, but thanks anyway, you guys just made my day!
    A thousand thumbs up for this shout board.

  246. good to know It worked ^_^ I think that’s what Phreeze suggested when we got the first messages o.O

  247. Yeah, he was right all the way, I simply was too lazy to try this solution. Now, I have my server online, just wait until saturday, so we can play the game through the weekend!

  248. I need cd key please… mail: martins85XXX@XXXmail.com
    no speek ingles jeje

  249. Hola Gustavo 😛 Tu CDKey está arriba de este cuadro, abajo de donde dice Download.

  250. @david_aeon
    Yeah, thats great, much fun with “Killing” 😉

  251. Can’t wait till the download is complete

    THANKS 🙂
    EMAIL ME AT david89992@gmail.com cheers

  253. Try the ==T=U=R=B=O= AUS Servers, they are cool. Also, For running a server you can use the Dedicated server package in the downloads section.

  254. Thanks everybody for setting up servers and dealing with the F.E.A.R. Combat master server support! Awesome job!

  255. I am downloading fear and itching to play

  256. Cant wait to play again

  257. Seems like no one plays anymore?

  258. I see 1 server full and 1 half. that’s in the worse time/day of the week.

  259. Looks like the Master Server doesn’t repply queries. It should be back soon.

  260. If your game freezes when try to load server list, you can use your xfire recent servers, or ingame fear favourites list.

  261. i am getting an error
    something to do with punkbuster and an invalid cd key… but i have punkbuster disabled… great game, if i could play it…

  262. You get the error as punkbuster error: you don’t have the latest patch properly installed.
    You get Invalid CDKey:you are not using a SEC2 CDKey ( the one you can see on this page ).

  263. Hello

  264. hi Black ^_^

  265. does anyone know the cd key?

  266. the CDKey is on this sidebar, in the PLAY FEAR COMBAT widget.

  267. i got this error code when pressing start on main menu dx3dx9_27.dll

    any idea

  268. tells me invalid code , I put it in client setting ?

  269. Your CDKey should have this format: VVVVV-XXXXX-YYYYY-ZZZZZ If the game doesn’t accept It, then you are not running the latest patch ( You can read the Game Version as 1.10?

  270. I said “required content cannot be downloaded (fear_8arch00) ” , What should I do?

  271. This happens when you use the Launcher to change the game language, but remember, you must run It as administrator ( usually happens if you disabled UAC).

  272. I’ll explain , I open the launcher 1.4.0, poi clicco su multiplayer , poi scelgo un server , ma non lo carica mi da quell’errore .

  273. ALWAYS Run the launcher as admin. Then Select language: English.

  274. Also, remember the launcher is not needed anymore. you only need the latest patch.

  275. Where do I get the pach ? (sorry I’m no expert)

  276. In The Downloads section. You should have It already If you used the latest installer.

  277. I’ve downloaded the game from the internet does not affect the site? (version 1.8gb)

  278. downloaded, but when I open it closes

  279. extract all the content of the rar file to the game directory, don’t just try to run It.

  280. ivan,when u open it closes? fully uninstall fear,clean out ur temp directory,reboot.install again.also if u check the event log it may hold some info on the cause 🙂

  281. I think I found the problem , I’m missing a file called “FEAR_8.arch00” you can put it?

  282. in mine theres FEAR_8.Arch00,FEARE_8.Arch00,FEARL_8.Arch00,FEARA_8.Arch00 u need them all?

  283. http://antzzworld.net/FEAR_8.zip has them all in.hope that helps 🙂

  284. how use FPS limiter? i download full version 1.10 from London Miroor. Greetings Fear community

  285. FEAR_8.arch00

  286. if u dnt have the others u will be needing them i expect,either way its in the zip

  287. Looks like you have the FEAR 1.07 version. Easy process:
    1 – Download the latest Installer (the downloads section)
    2 – Uninstall the game.
    3 – Install the latest version.

  288. @pyszny: If during install you enabled the install fps limiter option, It should be already active.

  289. why i can’t install FEAR on disc D?! Game always install on C but i haven’t free disc space on C ;/

  290. Ok i install game normal 😀

  291. soigooble@hotmail.com

    i cant create a lan… why?

  292. I can Create a Whole New Map for Fear if someone wants to do the Texturing — I haven’t learned Texturing yet :/ ^-^

  293. What software would you use?

  294. How set Alchemy in fear1.10?

  295. my cd key is short game instal:5 slot

    website cd key is 4 slot -.-” HELP!!

  296. You are using the old Installer! You will need to update the game to 1.08 and then to 1.10. If you still want to use that installer, try this one: LER7-BAB6-JYX5-BYX6-6324 but you can’t play online with It. Change It to your new CDKey once you installed and updated the game.

  297. FEAR Public Tools v2 Released!

    check the Download Section

  298. The CD-Key is invalid -.-
    I try it 3 times with 3 accounts. I want to play Fear Combat 🙁

  299. Do I need SEC standalone server patch and FEAR Public Tools to play online? What are those for?

  300. @xKingEx0: You must use the new installer.
    @joaobenfica: You don’t need those to play!

  301. blacklisted cd key i have they say in the server conncetion window..hm..whats wrong dam it

  302. blacklisted CDKey= No longer supported old CDKey. USe the one you have on this page.

  303. cd key too short

  304. Ah. Found the good old stuff. Nice download speed too. Thanks.

  305. I mailed you about It: You are using the old installer, use the new one or do the steps I described there.

  306. Idk why I was banned in the (MRSA) Server. How can I contact the admin?

  307. I mailed the MRSA Admin. I think he will check It later.

  308. why my cd key don’t work??? help

  309. If your CDKey doesn’t work that means you don’t have the latest update or you are using an old installer.

  310. I need help to get my CD Key to work!!!

  311. The key you get in this page works. but you need the latest game patch!

  312. I have problem, when click on find servers there are no servers on the list, zero…???

  313. If you have empty server list, is because you need the latest game update!

  314. Ok what kind of game update? I have installed fear combat v.1.08. Then try to patch this combat sec 2 1.1. communitypatch update, but cant to open or overwrite in my fear combat directory???

  315. you need to extract the content of the rar file to another folder, desktop for example. Then copy from there to the game folder. Extracting from winrar to the game directory usually doesn’t work because of administrative rights.

  316. Thank you, youre the one! Everything works perfect now. Cool.

  317. Good to know It worked 🙂

  318. I really should get working on the update installer. :-O

  319. You are reading my mind 😛

  320. HOLY SHIT! F E A R is still alive.. Love from a downloading eAu Sebbie 😉

  321. 🙁 just downloaded the files from the site.. installed it.. but aint no servers loading 🙁 when i use the launcher app, i see servers, but it keeps saying Disconnected from server 🙁

  322. Oh and how are you guys?? what have you been up to?

  323. You need the latest patch!

  324. lol? someone tell yer friends that imma start this party. breath life back into this FPS game NOW! FFA and TDM FTW! GO MAKE SOME SERVERS PEOPLE! <= has been gone since 2007ish08ish

  325. we have been in party for several years now 😛

  326. me pide el fear_8arch00 como hago 🙁

  327. Hola shiian, tu problema es debido a varias cosas. te mando correo ( si no lo recibes, manda un mensaje con la sección de contact form de esta página, ok?)

  328. i dont see servers in my list of the game and i manually add fear_combat_108_to_110_community_en_patch.rar – Mirror 4 (Europe – London)

  329. did you add the SEC2 folder included?

  330. what installer did you use?

  331. now i trying to download fear_combat_110_community_en_full.exe – Mirror 4 (Europe – London) this version !!!

  332. So you install FEAR Combat (SEC2) v1.1 Community Full Installer and the patch/update?

  333. aah its fixed,, eset firewall didnt ask me to make a new rule and just blocked the game…its working now ::D IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW (and im only just looking at the server list..)

  334. ok it work now thank

  335. it work now thank

  336. good It’s working ^_^

  337. lol Sebbie , say thanks to Phreeze for that 😛

  338. FEAR ArchiveEdit v2 Released, Standalone Archive edit (6MB) for open and modify FEAR Files

  339. HollAnd: my antivirus blok yuor file wtk man?you send all your virus))

  340. Some antivirus don’t like high compression settings; It’s clean.

  341. I have a very easy, and straightforward question: a friend of mine wants to play fear, how to make it working? Thx

  342. 1) Register, 2) Download the latest installer, 3) install It (It will ask for the CDKey), 4) Play

  343. Do i still need my original FEAR game installed on my PC? or can i just use the download after registering?

  344. also the FEAR setup isnt working correctly for me… the progression bar stays at the end without finishing :'(

  345. No its not needed you can just use the download after registering

  346. I collect objects by pressing the key quickly, and then get banned for pickuphack.
    This error sec. do something with it. Not only do I have a problem with it

  347. No, you only need the installer in this page and the CDKey you get.
    You can have both installed, or optionally, patch your existing game, but so far installing the new version is usually a better idea.

  348. The installer takes some time in some Computers, just wait, IT should end in some mins.

  349. Wet,, horse shit,the logs are FULL of possible pickup hacks,iv never seen it ban for it.and if ur not full of dung.. change key!!

  350. change the default “use” key from F to anything else..

  351. It actually happens; I’ve seen It happen live. but I’m not sure If all the cases cause ban; need to ask Phreeze.

  352. Pickup hack does auto ban. I need to tweak it to take ping variance into account

  353. cuando me da un error por falta de punkbuster que hago por favor!!

  354. Según yo, Cualquier error de punkbuster se debe a que te falta el parche 1.10. Puedes decirme que error exactamente es?

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