Server Profile: *NEW* THE NEW FEAR CTF

There is a new FEAR server in town worthy of mention and profiling here on FEAR community.

The server is located in Chicago and is run by several veteran FEAR players (CE|Exhail & Uberhound) who are looking to setup some skilled matches between other veteran players, as well as offer their experience and wisdom to new players.

They are currently hosting stock maps for a classic FEAR Combat experience.

IP Address:



You can also check out their blog where they are posting some very useful articles on how to optimize your FEAR experience.  I especially like their new article on FPS limiting.

Please check them out and give them some love. 🙂



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  1. Very smooth server – SEC2 seems less glitchy than SEC – bullet and UA damage is almost as good as a non-sec server! Had some very good games – saw no hacking so far – players included H8d1, mmm, etc…reminded me of why FEAR STILL RULES!

  2. I played on the server for about 5 minutes, left it to do something, tried logging back onto the server to find out I was banned for no reason. I’m upset about it because it was fun while I was there which is why I went back for more.

  3. Hi bobo,

    I am the server owner. Can you please tell me what name you used to play there or add me on xfire? I will check our banlist and try to figure out why you were banned and reverse it if there is a valid reason for doing so.

    Add me on xfire if you’d like to chat.


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