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  1. hi my friend give me this new seс2 want it to test.me mail (Edited)

  2. you want the windows version?

  3. Warmachineprime88

    Would i be able to get the mac version please?

  4. Sorry, but F.E.A.R. dedicated server does not have a Mac version.

  5. Nice work 😉

  6. Warmachineprime88

    Then can i get the windows version?

  7. Already mailed It to you ^_^

  8. fred dude i got a problem with my windows 32bit server all time when i loggin with my keay from this site i became invalid error but when i want join SEC2 FEAR Servers no error Oo.
    what is wrng with my server ? any other patches for win server ore im to glad ?

  9. realy realy thx thats nice support im so happy for fast featback

    BIG BIG thx hdmc_pro@hotmail.com Admins

  10. If your server doesn’t have SEC2 installed, you won’t be able to join It.
    We encourage you to run the server using the FEAR Dedicated Server, is a small download (150 MB) and this way you can Install SEC2 and let the server run without need to play on It.

  11. i got other question about coop maps.
    my frends happy with playing on team (TDM) on COOP maps but for me that maps not new.
    so now to my question 🙂
    any way to became a coop editor for millions new maps??
    ore any otehr maps i got at the moment 21 COOP maps on my server (COOP Only) best server for test and training 🙂
    when anyone got more coop maps ore way to creat self coop maps send me please a mail
    ( rolling1981@hotmail.com )

  12. well, It’s hard to create maps; creating coop maps is harder 🙂
    There are some tutorials on the net for creating maps, but I don’t know If there is any for coop maps.

  13. Hola, esta nueva version soporta redireccion de archivos? y como puedo conseguir esta version?

  14. Ueah It supports Redirected downloads.
    I can email It to you.
    Si, los soporta.
    Te la puedo mandar por correo, esperalo.

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