New User registrarion Open

The site functionality has been restored.

We will continue to work on fix the small visual details that remain missing. For now, new players can join the game. If you created an account the previous days and can’t login, try registering again with the same email. Some accounts may have been lost because of the downtime.

Let us know any issues you find.


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  1. Hi

    I’m trying to join the Another American server but it says in the master server page that it is 1.08 version. I have the original fear combat 1.08 installed but I get an error when I search for the servers. Do I need the Fear Launcher? I cannot find the Fear launcher in the downloads on this site. Any help would be great.

  2. Hi.
    Even servers reporting other versions are using the be SEC2 Master Server, so you need the SEC2 client update. It fixes the problem caused by the original Master Server shut down. uses the old SEC2 Server patch, so if you are the owner, you should request them to update to the latest version:

  3. My CDkey wont let me install the game

  4. Hi Anthony. please check the email I sent you.

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