Multiplayer with Steam and Retail DVD

Even when they share most of the game files, Multiplayer is officially not supported by Steam or DVD Retail.

I you want to play the multiplayer, you need a different Game installation; the easier way is to get the FEAR Combat installer on this site.

Previously we tried to support both Single player and Multiplayer, but this caused more problems than benefits; so this is discouraged now.

Steam doesn’t provide a CDKey when you buy the game, and old original Keys provided with the Retail DVD’s don’t work anymore (after the UFF Event). So you need to register to get a new CD Key.
Follow the process described here:


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  1. Everytime i click find servers it freezes and its taking forever i can see it freezes so how do i fix it? I really want to play F.E.A.R. online.

  2. Hi. There’s a big chance your Firewall or security suite is blocking the game from connecting the net.
    Please double or triple check It.
    If that doesn’t help, test adding one of the active server’s IP to the favourite list.
    You can find the list on this site’s sidebar.
    Also, this topic is covered in the help section:

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