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    Fred this is crazybomber and I would like to know why the server =mxt=ctf infinity put me on a ban? One second I’m playing a CTF game next second I was kicked and came back to a ban. I really enjoy this fear online and I have donated to your cause on several occasions. There really are very few servers left and this one is a major one that…[Read more]

  • Brian: I followed your advice and deleted the game and the sierra file. Downloaded a fresh copy and got my CD key from fear. The game would connect with some of the servers and not with others. I contacted the FEAR gurus and told them of this. We finally figured out that my OLD CD key was the problem. They sent me a test CD Key and the game…[Read more]

  • I also am having the very same problem. Everything goes fine until the final step that connects to the actual game server. It seems to freeze at that point. All my other games seem to work alright. I would think it is in the new version 2.0 but who knows. When you reinstalled v1.1 and it still didn’t work really makes me wonder. I sent an…[Read more]

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