• Oh boy I figured it was in my face. I did have the GDBEditor crashing due to compatibility issues, fixed the thing I wanted but…. fuck that F.E.A.R. v 1.08 – Retail label taking half the bottom part of screen space. I’ve tweaked the buttons but for the life of me, I can’t trace back the version text so I can move its X/Y offset because right now…[Read more]

  • duh I meant the original F.E.A.R. not Combat (can’t edit my post..) I guess its the same for both games as there are literally no differences to the engine.

  • Ahoy! I gots the 1.08 retail game and the SDK patched to it. I know how the general part of modding the game works, I’ve been using the Public Tools (SDK) for a while now. I however can’t seem to find the game interface files (menu, hud) to study those for an improved menu mod I wish to have.

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