• Joined this server at around 1330 Hrs GMT and was banned after 1 kill playing with my client name as Player (as I had just reinstalled the latest build of FEAR from this site on my laptop).

    I’m not sure why I was banned, particularly as I was changing my nick after I realised I was playing anon, and I also had a lower ping than the logged in Admin.

  • The HID devices are usually to blame, if its not those then its usually a power supply issue to your graphics card.

  • Welcome back, will keep an eye out.

    I’ve been in out of the game since 2005 and play pretty badly now, however F.E.A.R remains one of the more “fun” games out of the lot.

  • aircool started the topic Thanks in the forum Community 5 years, 3 months ago

    Thanks guys for trying to resurrect and maintain the server list, I am persuading a few old mates and passing the links on.

    Have you guys SEO’d the website up pushing it a “free game” ?