Master server update

Attention all FEAR server admins

The dynamic master server list functionality is almost ready for prime time.

To test and ensure that your server will show up in the in-game server list after we flip the switch, please check the following link:


1. You must be running the latest SEC2 patch. Note: SEC2 2.0 Final has been released and is available in the Downloads section. No code changes occurred since the last update (Beta 7.1), just a version string update to make it the final release.

2. In your ServerOptions.txt configuration, you must have LanOnly=0, otherwise your server will not be reporting information to the master server.

Update (2013-01-15): The in-game server browser functionality is now live!

Update (2013-01-16): Functionality enabled for FEAR Launcher

Update (2013-01-17): Functionality enabled for sidebar

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  1. ok bad english translate lol …. hello I have a server that I fear download on your site. I see it in master (list server on your SITRE) but in fear when I click search web server I find how to do??

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