Master Server Maintenance Downtime

Today there is a scheduled maintenance service for datacenter migration.

This will cause the server list to go offline for some hours; the service will be back online at night.

Thanks for your patience, we (well, mostly Phreeze) is working on keep the server running smooth 🙂

I want to use this chance to thank Chosen_One for his awesome $100 USD Donation, that will help keep us running, as well to the other donators we have had in the past; we are still working in make the game better, and you can help in 3 ways:

1) Sharing your fun with friends and in social networks or sites.

2) Donating for the master server (This is 100% optional!)

3) The most important: Playing and having fun with us 😀

UPDATE: Server is running again. The downtime was less than 1 hour.


Updated: November 11, 2013 — 12:04 pm

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