Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will have a list of known issues and Frequently asked questions about FEAR Combat.

1 – Is the game Dead?

R – No. The official support ended, yes, but the community now provides an updated installer for players, updated Server Software and Master Server, everything you need!


2 – How can I get a FEAR Combat CD key? the official site doesn’t work!

R – No, the official site does not work any more for new keys, but you can get one on this page (register or log in and check your new FEAR Combat CD Key (In the sidebar)!)


3 – I downloaded the game from the official site and the Installer ask for a CD Key, my new key doesn’t work!

R – The Old installer used different CD Keys. If you don’t want to download the full game again, use this CD Key: LER7-BAB6-JYX5-BYX6-6324 But this CD Key won’t work to play online any more, so you need to Update your FEAR Combat CDKey.
Also you will need the latest Game Update available in the Downloads section.


4 – I downloaded the FEAR 1.08 Community full installer and:
– I can’t find servers!
– Can’t change my CD Key!
– The Game doesn’t connect to any server!

R – Please refer to the MAin page of the help section.


5 – I loved the game but It’s full of hackers!

R – There’s a big (HUGE) chance that you are facing not a hacker, but a pro player. FEAR Is not a new game, and some players have taken their stills to levels that are hard to believe. Our advice Is to take It easy, and try to get some strategy to get more kills; rushing vs a high skilled player is not a good Idea. Also teamwork makes the difference!


6 – How can I change the Game Language? the installer only has English!

R – Please refer to the FEAR Combat Languages help topic. The Game has native support for English, Spanish, German, Czech, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian & Traditional Chinese.
Be sure to check the Install Instructions.


7 – Why Is everything so hard? I only want to play….

R – FEAR / FEAR Combat was published originally by Sierra, then they were acquired by Activision, and they sold the game rights to WB Games, then WB Games dropped support for It, and finally GameSpy shut down the FEAR Master Server. The Game lost support for all the companies that originally worked on It, so now is playable thanks to the continuous updates made by the community. We keep working on making It easier for everybody to play.


8 – I love what you are doing here, How can I help?

R – 1) Play! A Game lives while the players stay In 🙂
2) Share the Fun! Invite friends to play, create a clan, organize matches, and enjoy the game. More activity is what makes the game move.
3) Donate to keep the master server running. the donate button is on the right sidebar.