Here you can find help related to all possible issue you find when Installing FEAR Combat.

Help (This page)

The latest installer includes all you need to play the game, except the CDKey, that you can get once you register in the site.

The Installer is very straightforward but If you use a old installer you need to install the patch manually.

You no longer need to use the FEAR Launcher, only to translate the game to another language (Default is english).


If you have issues with the game, here are the solutions for most common issues:

The Game Doesn’t start!

Run the Game in compatibility mode. Usually Windows XP SP3 works. If that fails, try Windows 95 compatibility (yeah, Windows 95). This will allow you to run It without problems.

I can’t see servers in the ingame list.

This is caused by the firewall or other Security Software blocking the game from connecting the web. Maybe you already tried to sort It out without success, but we are 100% sure this is the problem. you may need to triple check your settings, since there is no other reason for this to happen than a Master Server Downtime. When this happens, you can’t see servers listed in the sidebar of this page (doesn’t happen often).

Can’t connect to servers.

There are 2 possibilities: overly restrictive security software (see previous point), or invalid/banned CDKey, or IPBan from that server. If you can’t get It fixed, contact us.

I lag too much 🙁

There are 2 types of “lag”.

1 – High latency. You have fluid movements, but you have a very high ping.

This is usually caused by other software using your connection (download managers, torrents). Close those programs even If you think they are not using your connection (they usually do; mainly P2P and torrents).

The other possibility is that you connected to a server too far away from you. Try connecting other server closer to your location.

2 – Graphic lag.

This can be caused by old and low power hardware. In that case you can’t do much, but get a new one or use low/low settings.

The other possibility is that you are using a HID device. These devices (usually mouse or keyboard) cause huge lag ingame. You need to disable those and check If the game works better. This is a common problem in modern hardware, so you should try this.

Have more questions?

FAQ ( Answers to most of your questions are here!)

Contact us. We will contact you in short time!