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    Hello community, I want to present experimental dll for “F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate” to provide support of master server for “FEARServerXP.exe” and working in game server browser for “FEARXP2.exe”.
    1. Download “F.E.A.R. Platinum” (GOG version)
    2. In “FEARXP2” directory rename “StringEditRuntime.dll” to “StringEditRuntime_.dll” (name “StringEditRuntime_.dll” is very important because experimental dll loads it)
    3. Unpack there new “StringEditRuntime.dll”
    4. Now you can start your server with “FEARServerXP.exe” or check avaliable servers (only FEARXP2 servers, if there any) in game browser of “FEARXP2.exe” and play
    5. Type random text in CDKey before connect to server

    PS this experimental dll is using current master server, so if administration against this – please post there “why not” xD
    password: testz

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    That’s interesting. Will check as soon as I have a chance! 😀

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    Peppolo Pepo

    Question: Where did this come from?
    Can we suggest some bugfixes? i.e. Allow It to display the servers of other versions, so people can go from FEAR To FEARXP2 and back from ingame

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      > Where did this come from?
      You mean dll? Im the author.
      > Can we suggest some bugfixes?
      Yes, you can report here about bugs.
      > people can go from FEAR To FEARXP2 and back from ingame
      They are not compatible.

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    Added “coop mode” support:
    F.E.A.R. Extraction Point
    F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate

    All 55 SinglePlayer maps will be avaliable in server list. Players can use “Call vote” -> “Next map” or “New map” to select specific map (for scroll list use PageUp/PageDown).
    Use “FEARXP2.exe” for play and “FEARServerXP.exe” to start local or public server.
    If you want start coop server – add to server config “ServerOptionsXXXX.txt” option:

    There are another options you can use in usual MP mode:
    PreventNoclip – prevents player to go through solid objects (walls for example)
    SyncObjects – synchronize all objects on map for all players (bottles, boxes, etc)
    PreventSpecialMsg – avoid use of special msgid (OBEJCT_MESSAGE) which allows hacks to get weapons/ammo/health etc.

    PS if you found some bug and after respawn u cant continue move on – report here name of map/place.

    PS2 To use this experimental dll instructions are the same as from first post, but for this one you need to replace original “Default.archcfg” (make backup of it first) with one from archive.
    password: testz

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    fix map “Hives”, “Subway_01”, “Landing_Zone”
    fix player spawn
    fix locked doors
    added remote flashlight
    added “skip story sequence” in esc menu
    added option BotsMP (fix AI for custom user maps)
    disabled intro on start game
    Default.archcfg updated
    password: testz

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    I’ really lloking for some integration between FEAR and Mods and Expansions. One of the branches of SEC2 (in really early development) allows re-launching the game with parameters when double click a server with different version.

    I see large room for integration there!

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    Question, is this the same work [KGB]Andre is pushing? Because he doesn’t seem to like we (meaning staff) to get involved with It. I don’t want he feel we are invading somehow his area.

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    > I see large room for integration there!
    It will be good thing
    > is this the same work [KGB]Andre is pushing
    What do you mean?

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    KGB Andre was doing similar work that we do here.
    Some months ago he claimed he was giving up on FEAR and was focusing on Perseus only.
    But he requested us to don’t try to get in his way.
    Since we are not interested on messing around with his bussiness, we didn’t take any action.
    Now that I see your work, It looks very similar to what he uses; maybe is the same?

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    He just changed master server “” to his own in dll.

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    So is not his own development.
    Good to know.
    Well, next week I’ll complete the development of these features. Basically works this way:
    Since we can’t re-launch from inside FEARMP.exe the same FEARMP.exe with parameters (It doesn’t run), I made a .bat file to be called when we double click the server.
    This .bat file does the same existing mods do: call the game using the -archcfg and user directory needed AND pass the parameters to join the IP:port server.

    After calling the bat, the game closes but inmediatelly is executed again with the right parameters.

    I Can confirm this works, and is basically done, but I messed a lot the code in the process, because I had to work in the server crash issues.

    After making some cleanup I saved the code and will add It to the next version. We will also re-launch CoopWarfare and maybe the other mods with the small changes needed to make them work. Basically a new location for the user_directory folder to keep everything inside a single folder and modified archcfg files.

    Before this month ends, we should have this as an open Beta, and publish specifications for Mod making (I mean, the files and directories namming suggestions for easy integration with the game.

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    You can re-launch fearmp.exe if you patch mutex creation
    0047E171 31FFEB64
    0047E222 EB
    but you need to use exe without securom.

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    Well, that's beyond my current skillset / time availability, but If It's possible It could make things much easier; since I can focus on creating the logic, string management and mod file structure to make It happen for the next client update :D

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    This is awesome guys!

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    I uploaded source code on github in case someone interested in it:

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    This is a very impressive work man.

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