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    Recently I started running the 1v1 Server, but I couldn’t see It listed ingame; It turned out to be a problem with the LanOnly=0 option, I had It with a space before It, so It was not being used. So:

     LanOnly=0 <<---FAIL

    LanOnly=0 <<--- OK

    Other experiences with this problem can be shared here.

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    Other known issue is, as I mentioned in another post, about servers not showing ingame when they had too much custom content or were almost full . We noticed this back in the FTX Times, so we know about this issue for long time, but is noticeable only when there are too much mods and/or players :

    Adding files to our server has been a issue too for long time. My solution is to use less files, with more content. so now we use only 1 file for all custom content and, my maps (MXT Branded Maps) are Packed into a single file. So I use maximum 10 custom files.

    This should work for you, since works for MXT CTF, even when the server is full and the info sent by the server includes name,ping and score for the 18 players online ^_^

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    About Servers in Lan Only, If none of the PC’s has no connection to internet, the Server will accept all the CDKeys used. In case of problems, the easier way to make It work is disable internet access in all the PC’s.

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