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    As you probably know the Pirates Nsane servers have been running a high speed, low gravity model for over 10 years. On all of the servers I get an error after installing he latest gameserver.dll file. As soon as any user jumps, the server shuts down with a “Jumpy position detected, possible unstable connection” error. We have had to revert to the old .dll. I imagine this will effect all low gravity servers like Obituarys and ours.

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    Hi Lizard.
    I’m afraid the latest changes have been tested under settings that are limited to the standard values you can configure from Ingame host options.
    I’m aware of the problem this means to you, so I can try to give you the option to disable this speedhack check; since there won’t be a way to have both Speed Hack detection and settings that go this far in movement freedom.
    I personally don’t like (and the developers, for what I see) speeds beyond usual ingame settings, but It should be an option to those who like It.
    Give me a couple days to work this out.
    Could you please provide the MPCustomizations you use?

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    ¿So are you interested on this option?

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    I sent the mpcustomization.txt files last week. Did you not receive it?

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    I think I didn’t. Could you send It to ?

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