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    Hi there I’m trying to figure out how to script the opening flyby in level 2

    I figured out exactly what commands start at the beginning of Interval 02 where it happens

    delay 2 (msg bh1_intro_kf on);delay 2 (msg bh2_intro_kf on);delay 2 (msg player (fadein 1));delay 2.05 (msg bh_cam_kf01 on);delay 2 (msg intro_music01 on);delay 10.9 (msg player (fadein 2));delay 11 (msg camera01 off);delay 11 (msg start on);delay 14 (msg heli_dg01 on);delay 2 (msg BH1_Heli_blades_Snd on);delay 2 (msg BH2_Heli_blades_Snd on);msg player (mission briefing_Docks 0);delay 12 (msg player (text interval02));delay 15 (msg player (text Intervalname02));msg player (slowmo on noslowmo);
    Trigger start msg player (crosshair off);msg player (followlure BH1_PlayerLure);msg player (animate FastRope_Sit loop);msg player (animatecamrot 0);msg bh1_intro_kf off;msg bh2_intro_kf off;msg bh1_Main_KF on;msg bh2_Main_KF on;delay 9.5 (msg FastRope_CO on);msg intro_music01 (volume 0 4);delay 10 (msg heli_dg02 on);����Command2����delay 6 (msg BH1_BH_Light_01 off);delay 6 (msg BH1_Heli_Runners off);delay 7 (msg BH2_Heli_Runners off);delay 5 (msg BH2_BH_Light_02 remove);delay 1 (msg BH02_amblight remove);

    I’m wondering if anyone can help me incorporate these commands into a level. IE: How do I spawn the player inside the helicopter and they stay in it. Where do I input some of these commands. That sort of thing.

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    There’s an object type named StartUpCommand, you can add one and then, in the Command propery, add the commands you want in the start of the map! 😀

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