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    I downloaded this game from softonic its took me a whole day to download it now its asking a cd key which i dont have its telling me that you will find the cd key by visiting but its not opening so please tell how can i enter the cd key.I also got the cd key but its showing 5 blanks but the cd key is just of 4 blanks please help me out i realy need help i realy want to play this game and please reply .

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    Usually It’s because the file created:
    Is not in the right path. In windows 7 It’s :
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Monolith Productions\FEARCombat\key.ini

    The File extension is wrong ( If you don’t have enabled the “Show extensions” option, It will say “key” since you can’t see the .ini extension. sometimes It’s named key.ini.ini, that will cause the same error than having, for example, key.txt. The File doesn’t have the right content, should have something like: XXXX-2345-ABCDE-YYYY
    And Once you log In, you can see It in the sidebar on this page.

    So far we haven’t found a key that actually doesn’t work, so we are 99.999999999999999999999999999999999~% sure It works ^_^

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    From the faq:
    “The Old installer used different CD Keys. If you don’t want to download the full game again, use this CD Key: LER7-BAB6-JYX5-BYX6-6324 But this CD Key won’t work to play online any more, so you need to Update your FEAR Combat CDKey.
    Also you will need the latest Game Update available in the Downloads section.”

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    As Fred mentioned, you need to use an old cd-key (any will work) to get through the old installer wizard.

    Once the game is installed, you will find it mostly useless because the in-game server list will not work.

    To restore the game to it’s former glory you will need to download & install “F.E.A.R. Combat (SEC2) v2.0.1 – Update’ from this site, available under ‘Featured Downloads’ in the right sidebar menu.

    After installing the update you will find that the in-game server list is working again, and you will be able to enter your cd-key from this site under the in-game client settings menu.

    You’re welcome! 🙂

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    dont be a pendejo and asking stupid fucking questions

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