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    Alex Myren

    I played around 2009 I believe. I wasn’t really an avid player but we ran as MARS. Downloading FEAR now!


    Hey hey,

    Played FEAR till 2010

    i downloaded the game some days ago to play some rounds
    but seems ther are not much players playing the game anymore.
    to bad



    Greetings to all.
    I will be back in game soon….as will the rest of my anagrams.




    the best that ever walked the earth


    Country Ham

    Greetings All,
    =DF=CountryHam aka CH aka Temujin checkin’ in here. Recall my old chhosting.org and those crazy TURBO servers. Happy to see fear-community.org is still alive. So many good players over the years, let me stir this pot a bit. Starting with the Defenders of Freedom clan (my first clan experience);
    =DF=Indian, Wobbly, Darknight, Primal, Nevaseez and WhiteEagle
    Of course we cannot forget
    Hannibal, Happystick, BuLLeTs, TTK Crim
    Even my own dedicated CHH clan members
    Straider, Ub3r_P!mp7457!c’, Darth_Nader, Chi_Chen_Da_Dry & Wet, The_Drizzle, Black~Lotus, Happy-One, Tikbiu, RutRow, Philonius, A_LILAC_BERET, lolroflmywaffle, MK-ULTRA, ghetto_way, Agent_H, BONES, Sadistic, Vendetta, and others,
    |KSâ„¢|.kakaroto & Marine



    If you’re gonna go off naming the best players to play the game you’re way off 🙂


    Country Ham

    OLD players do not have to be GREAT players – I am naming those players that I think were honestly terrific players – and not hackers – after spectating them over dozens of 1v1s. And I am still not sure about |KS|Marine even today. Please don’t consider my list to be complete, I am only giving respect per my own experience, and poor memory. Which reminds me to shout out to Clan Zero. MC do you have another spoof? DOH!
    Sorry MC just now see United, my bad. Yes respect to Poppinaclip – loved his matches with Indian, same for Stigmata. I am not a LeadPoison fan – sorry.


    Country Ham

    One more thing, I probably accused Exhail and LP of hacking more than once – for some reason I feel guilty about the Exhail accusation. Sorry LP, no guilt feelers.



    No problem. I played with LP very often, we were good friends. I don’t believe he hacked but he would rarely try. To name a few I used to play with and thought were good – Deimos, Hannibal, Tipton, Baken, Fireman. I’m sure there’s plenty more but it’s been a long time since that game was active. I do miss it though, great MP game.


    Country Ham

    Crap totally forgot – ditto Fireman – amazing 1v1s, Tipton as well. Hannibal aka Ganja aka etc., he was always camping/spoofing on DF 1v1 servers – he kicked my ass so many times but was always straight up! Love that guy!

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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