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    So, I am an old player that installed today the game to remember the old days.

    I manage to play one time today. Closed the game. Opened it later to play again, it doesnt work anymore.

    The game freezes after I click “Find servers” and shows “Querying servers”.

    I tried:
    – allow the game in the firewall
    – disabled anti virus
    – compatibility mode with windows 95 and windows xp sp 2 and 3
    – open the game with admin rights

    nothing worked!

    anyone have a solution?

    evokno, estudasses, death, etc 🙂

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    so, right now, I tested closing some other applications like
    slack, origin, jetbrains, firefox, etc

    and now it works

    strange, but I hope that this resolve the issue

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    and now it doesnt work. I have no more ideas…

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    You may want to test the alternate installer, seems to have better results on this.
    I think this is related to .net framework, but this build doesn’t seem to need It.

    Let us know any progress here.

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    didnt work.

    I also tried to activate .net framework 3.5 with no luck.

    the strange part is that I manage to play the game once and now I cant (and meanwhile I didnt install anything or changed global configs)

    Its a shame because I wanted to remember the old days, by the way, Fred I know that you are in the community since a long time now and helped to prevent that the game became death, so thank you, because the game is awesome

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