Milling the game when joining the server.

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    Hello, today I set up my account to play, {the installation was successful, even the servers found} namely to join the server {loading screen freezzy on the “connecting to the server” on this server I have 50ping} what should I do?

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    will try to install

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    now it’s frezzing on server search gg

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    This may be caused b multiple installs without uninstall.
    A more technical view points to conflicting dll path for the game.
    My advice is to uninstall It and install only one; I’d recommend the multilang version, since is more recent.

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    If it still not working, you can try alternative mod (it replaces SEC2).
    1. Backup ‘Default.archcfg’, ‘EngineServer.dll’ and ‘SEC2’ folder
    2. Download this fixed files (password: fix) and replace it in game folder
    3. Rename ‘StringEditRuntime.dll to ‘StringEditRuntime_.dll’
    4. Download and place instead of original this dll
    (It’s also only compatible with windows 7 and higher)

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