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    I’m looking to play fear coop warfare offline or online by myself, or with friends on LAN. I installed it yet its telling me, “Fearmp.exe not found” then thats it, it closes. How do i play this?

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    -If you downloaded the full installer(Coop-Warfare_0.7 Setup.exe):
    The mod files are contained within an extractable Setup file. Simply double click on the file and follow the installation instructions to install.

    -If you downloaded the archive:
    Move all files into the folder you installed FEAR or Combat to (usually that is C:\Program Files\Sierra\FEAR or C:\Program Files\Sierra\FEAR Combat). The File to start the mod is Coop-Warfare_0.7.bat.

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      I did that, ran as administrator and it still tells me “windows cannot find fearme.exe”

      Aslo im using fear steam version

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    I believe that you have asked similar questions on fear ce discord server but they silently delete my answers because do not like fear combat sec2.
    If you still have problems with that maybe you can ask on FEAR Speedrunning and modding server or here

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    Maybe Coop-Warfare_0.7.bat is not in the same directory as FEARMP.exe.

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