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    Congratulations for the work done on this game
    I am French, is it possible to put the game in French?
    Currently, if I try to change the language in the launcher displays the message “No extra languages Installed on this version.”
    However, as the installation file is 1.8 GB I have the impression that the language files are included.
    Am I wrong?

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    Update: Official guide to change FEAR Combat language.

    Hi, basically Is my fault.
    The First Installer/Launhcer was designed to include all languages, but It couldn’t be done because the launcher, being a hta file couldn’t get the administrator rights It needs to edit a file in the game folder.
    So including extra language files was pointless at that moment.
    A second issue is I couldn’t get German language files ( If someone has the game in german please contact me :/ ).
    So your game doesn’t have French language, is only english.
    The good news is, I have the needed files and I’m currently working in the second version of the launcher that will have update/language selection/realtime server browser and much better CDKey management ( you can check the progress here: ).
    If you are interested in test a Language pack that needs manual setup and mess with the game files, we can do It ^_^, but be warned this is not as easy as click-click.

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    Yes I am interested in testing the Language pack.
    Edit files directly does not bother me.

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    Give me some hours to upload the files to a server.

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    Ok I’m back, I made 2 zip files: ( about 10 MB )
    To install It, just copy the content of the zip file to your Game Folder, It’s for FEAR Combat only, would break your FEAR (Full) game.
    Will Overide the default.archcfg file, but has a backup of the original too, just In case. ( about 130 MB )
    To Install this one, copy It to the FEARCombat\languages\fr folder ( this folder was created for the first zip file).

    My tests worked perfectly, but if something goes wrong, rename the default.archcfg file to something like and the Default.original.archcfg to Default.archcfg and this will make your game go back to normal.

    Please comment how It worked ^_^

    This is complicated because I had to upload the files and my uploads are really slow. once we get this a few clicks, It should be easier.

    gn ^_^

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    Bonjour !
    Sorry I have not available yesterday.
    I tested this morning.
    The game is actually completely translated in French.
    Everything seems to work correctly.
    Thank you for the files.

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    That’s great News!
    I’ll work on make these language packs easy to install so everybody can use their own language.
    So far I know about these languages:

    Update: FEAR Launcher 2.0 can install all these languages 🙂

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