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    Hey, so i downloaded the most recent version and installed,but whenever i click find servers it says it failed to connect to master server, i don’t know what to do so any help is appreciated, thanks

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    It looks like your firewall is blocking the game.
    Also, some antivirus software try to manage programs connecting to the web. Try checking those options.
    The Master server is Up and running, so the problem seems to be in your side.

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    This is no problem with firewall ! I off all firewalls system and antyvirus and nothing change.

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    same here first install since original game and no server. i dont see fear in the firewall list. is there a guide?

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    to answer the questions, also for other people who have the same problems.

    To play the multiplayer of FEAR, download the client from this website here.
    Original FEAR from Steam or so cant be played online anymore.

    If you can’t connect to master server it’s mostly 99,9% a firewall problem.

    FEAR must be unblocked in windows firewall and or if you have router firewall
    or any other 3rd party firewall you have installed.

    How to unblock programms in firewall

    if you need further help just write and I’ll see how far I can help


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