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    What Is It?
    SEC2 is a full remake of the old SEC FEAR Servershield Patch.
    What does It do?
    It catches most known hacks and stop hackers from crashing and damaging Servers.
    How does It do It?
    It Is a ServerSide mod, that fixes a lot of bugs and holes in the original FEAR Server Code.
    What Is new?
    New Antihack.
    New Commands ( Will add command list later ).
    Support for the New FEAR CDKeys!

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    hi my friend give me this new seс2 want it to mail XXXXXX@XXXXX

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    Edited your email. Also sent you the patch ^_^

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    Please send me email seс2
    —–@–.– Thanks in advance
    Edited by moderator: No need to put your email here 😛 (Already mailed)

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    I would also like to test the Patch.

    Does it fix the bash crashing when players connect with weird charakter names?

    Send it to this rot13 encrypted mail please: wninfpevcgznfgre@tzk.arg

    Also, why isn’t the patch open source? I would also like to contribute, why don’t you put it on github publicly?

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    I’m sure Fred will mail you a copy of the latest beta (Beta 3) the next time he comes online.

    Do you have any more specific test cases that cause your server to crash?

    The project started out initially as open source on github a few months ago, and the interest was zero. At this point it will likely remain private until there is enough interest to consider making it public.

    If you are serious about wanting to contribute, may I suggest that as a start you submit your ideas as feature enhancements on the public issue tracker and we can discuss them openly. You can also download FEAR Public Tools 1.08 SDK and apply your changes against it and it would be fairly easy for us to merge them into SEC2.

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    Plz send it to me.Gonna start a new control server :o)

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    use the contact form please, that makes IT much easier for us ^_^

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    whether it could be done under the SEC FEAR version 1.07 there too many people play

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    Datura is a server to version 1.07 sec, and there works, but you can not get him out of nowhere

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you are asking if SEC2 can be made available and compatible with FEAR 1.07? Unfortunately the answer is no.

    Now that we have a full 1.08 installer (with no update patch required), the expectation is that most new users will use 1.08, so that will remain our focus.

    That said, we would be happy to assist any user or server admin with upgrading to FEAR 1.08 and SEC2.


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    I’ve been on contact with Dathura’s admin, and she successfuly uses SEC in 1.07; I think SEC2 could actually work too, but I still think using an older version of the game damages It, since there should be more players in the latest one.

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    hi guys what’s up i hope all fear friends be fine .I need a little help with the secutity shield server(sec) if someone can help me i ll do much appreciate it .Please sent me an e-mail how to put it in my fear combat multiplayer files to make my server safe. 😉

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    We did notice one thing worth mentioning regarding the number of maps used with SEC2:

    25 maps works fine. Upon adding the 26th map, the server would still show up on the “raw list” ( but the server stops showing up on the “find server list” from within FEAR.

    I’m sure this is sufficient for most admins, but I wanted to note our findings to prevent others from banging their heads on their desks.

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    This happens with other conditions, like excessive additional content files (Maybe this is the reason It fails to Index the server).

    This is not actually a SEC2 Issue, but the limit for the GameSpy2 Protocol the game uses for reporting info and variables. An Option to bypass this is pack several mods or maps in a single file.

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    Thanks Lizard.

    It is limited to the number of files, not only maps.

    I put in gun sounds and skins and other mods then the server stopped showing.

    Fred, can this be modded to allow more files?

    You guys are doing a great job!



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    The problem is this limitation is on the GameSpy2 protocol, that’s the ‘language’ the server uses to talk to clients and clients to server. I don’t see that happening anytime soon :/ Unless Phreeze has a creativity attack o.o ( yet another one :O )

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    Thanks Fred.

    The VIP LOUNGE server ran over 200 maps with no problem.

    This was without SEC or SEC2.

    Once we put SEC or SEC2 on, the download speed would decrease alot.

    So the problem is within SEC2, not within the game.

    We once tried for grins – Putting in 225 maps.

    I deleted my downloaded content and it took me about 25 minutes to DL 225 maps at 630 kb/s.

    Not bad. Just can’t do it with SEC2.


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    The problem is caused by this:

    const uint32 g_nMaxDownloadableFileStringLength = 1024;

    (1024 byte string means you can fit around 20-25 files, depending on their file sizes, because the string is of the format: {# files};{crc1},{filesize1};{crc2},{filesize2},…)

    This value is taken from the retail FEAR SDK 1.08, and not changed in SEC2, so it is strange if it works for a retail server and not for SEC or SEC2, unless the WB changed it for retail and did not add the change into their SDK.

    Anyways, I will test out changing it, but it might require both a client & server update. If it works, I will include it in the next release.


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    Thank you for looking into this.

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    Adding files to our server has been a issue too for long time. My solution is to use less files, with more content. so now we use only 1 file for all custom content and, my maps (MXT Branded Maps) are Packed into a single file. So I use maximum 10 custom files.

    This should work for you, since works for MXT CTF, even when the server is full and the info sent by the server includes name,ping and score for the 18 players online ^_^

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    About download speed, the game limits download speeds, at about 80 kbps ( with or without SEC or SEC2).

    If you use a redirect, this makes the download speed go to whatever your redirect and your own connection can handle ( my limit is about 630 kbps ( 6MBit download connection).

    Redirects in All OS’s+Stock Server work.
    Redirects in Windows+SEC Doesn’t work.
    Redirects in All OS’s+SEC2 Work

    So this problem happens only with the old SEC+windows. SEC2 has not this problem, and never has had It.

    As a final note, Downloads from inside Local Area Network (Local LAN) can have different results.

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    Update: Plz ignore my previous post above. Apparently the 1024 value in the SDK is just a placeholder for the GameSpy value, and it is not editable because it resides in the engine code which has not been released.

    This basically means that we will have to live with this limitation, and use the workaround of packaging multiple maps into a single Arch00.

    What I can possibly do for a future version is to detect when the limit would be exceeded and report an error during server start-up.

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    I was thinking, there could be a way to split the server info in 2 or more messages? I know each message can only contain 1024 bytes, but maybe there could be only 1 message or, If the message was longer, 2 ( maybe more?).

    I don’t really think that’s how the non-sec server works, but since some claim It actually worked, I was wondering If there’s some extra info we are missing.

    Anyway as I said, checking the raw info sent from the servers, looks like there’s no info like that in non-sec servers; unless I’m missing something?

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