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    Just an FYI – for the last couple of days all 3 of the Pirates servers have been getting flooded from a Russian IP. ( These attacks are coming in groups of 12 every 2 seconds so were talking about hundreds per minute.
    The net result is that users trying to join are getting “server full” messages when they are not full and massive slowdowns and lag. I just wanted to share this info so you’ll know where to look if you start seeing the symptoms.


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    The only way to prevent this at the moment is using an external firewall (e.g. iptables) to block the offending ips and/or subnets.

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    And we are making some efforts to get a community maintained list, so we can speed up this process. @holland is making good progress on this, we will anounce It as soon as It’s ready.

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    It’s probably that dirty cheat Cuper.

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    Or you could just drop a nice juicy stake with no gravy for the sucker 🙂

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