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    Hi, it’s a long story :(. Yesterday i downloaded Fear combat full installer ( before i had Fear Multiplayeer with patch SEC2) because when i put the server, my friend couldn’t join ( disconnected from server). So i downloaded Fear combat full installer, i put the server and he can join now! But now is other problem. I added my maps to server and i joined. In Fear Multiplayer (before Fear combat full installer) were dialogues, some effects and music when i used SpecialFX (Hud_Flash_Jankowski) but now when i joined from Fear combat full installer i dont have that(no dialogues, effect,, music etc.)!!! So i downloaded Fear public tools v2, i opened my map there and i pressed run world. There doesnt have that too! (but in old fear public and old fear multipalyer everything ok). Anyone know how to fix it? It’s very important for me…

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    Alvares Edvardo

    Sorry, no help. Never interested in multiplayer ((

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    The SEC2 full installer is basically the FEAR Combat of fixed FEAR multiplayers (as is inherent in the name). There won’t be any files from the retail game that will work in it, as I’ve realized and been told so far.

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    Sad 🙁

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    This would happen too If you used the old dedicated server package.

    The Dedicated server (old and SEC2) include only the official multiplayer assets; this excludes several elements from the single player game.

    In order to run a too customized server, maps using coop-like content and/or maps not following the stock multiplayer design guidelines, you proably need to use the FEAR Combat installer ( old or SEC2 ), because the Server Only won’t contain all that elements.

    You can have several copies of the game in the same PC, by copying the content of the FEAR Combat game folder to another folder and running from there with another profile, or using one of the existing “portable” versions. Both options work.

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    Dankos can you tell me what happend when you pres on run world?
    i dont understand your problem about FEAR Public Tools v2.

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    Now it doesn’t matter 🙂

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