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    Hey, does anyone from aus or nz still play fear/be keen for a closer server? Just putting the question out there as the old GA servers are just down to DM and no one ever seems to be on it

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    Not really mate, I spoke to the head of GA Admins about the Aussie FEAR server’s and got them to keep the DM one up because they wanted to shut them all down due to inactivity. I play 1-2 games a week but under a smurf name, some of the older Aus players still hang around but.

    Only Aus/NZ players i see around are in MXT CTF, its the only real active server left in FEAR, some of the older Aus players like myself, sometimes play on GA, but its very rare. If you wanna get in contact with some of the older Aus players, you will have to get xfire/steam because we usually PM each other for a game. Other then that everyone pretty much semi-quit.

    FEAR in Australia died along time ago,  the FEAR scene is in Europe/America and if you can deal with a 250ish ping, show your support  by playing on the MXT server’s. Keep the game going as long as possible.

    I can count how many Australian player’s are left on one hand XD.




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    Ah that sucks.

    Yeah MXT’s the only one with a decent ping from here but I have been a little busy lately. I don’t use xfire but will have to look into it. Hit me up if you know of a game coming up

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    Kryptic you know nobody gives a shit about players from aussieville.

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    Bro don’t even start, Australia > Murrica everyday of the week

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