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    Dave Edwards

    Just wondering if anyone knows for certain whether the upgrade of a mid aged graphics card (gtx 480) for something with ~ twice the power (GTX 970 or GTX 780) makes any significant difference in CTF ? Sometimes I think my user interface is running 1/2 second or more behind the server even though I have low ping. Trying to figure out why I am such a lousy shooter and die so easily and absolutely cannot kill certain players 🙂

    Is there some way to get 199 health consistently ?

    Is there a link to donations to the CTF server somewhere ?

    Might as well ask, on the startup pages, it mentions donations of <3, 2.5 and 4. Is that 4 months of CTF or I am guessing 3 servers (CTF, TDM, & private + master server) for one month ? How much is that ? You never know when Santa might drop in.

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    Hi. I am guessing this is a =MXT= CTF Server related topic (about the donations) so I’ll repply about It.

    the <3 is a heart (lol) because Nikki is taking care of the hosting by herself since about 6 or more months, when we moved out of GameServers.com . Still we have had several donations, and yeah, the x2, x3, x4 and so on, are because they donated enough money to host the server for those months.

    The donations for MXT CTF Server are made to a paypal account I can share by private message or facebook message too (to avoid spam to the email owner). Donating grants you have your name listed in the loadscreen 😉 I’m not sure nowadays about the amount, but I think each month is about 24 USD.

    Now about the 199 healt, It is a feature in some maps. It was quite common in early MXT maps, but some people insist they are unfair, even when we have released info about how to get them in all the maps It was available.
    Currently the only map that has It is Cargoship, and you get It by going to the bottom tunnel and jumping exactly in the middle of the map. Optionally you can get It leaning in the boxes in the mid tunnel.

    Finally, your Graphics card is great! I’m pretty sure you have other issues not allowing you to play at 100%. What are those problems?
    – HID Bug. It’s the reason most people with high end hardware can’t get constant over 120 fps. More fps will make you better? I doubt It. But the HID Bug can make you have even 200 fps and still be slugish.
    – Graphic settings. Yeah, explosions and sparks and stuff are nice, but you will always have better performance in Low/Low.
    – Dodge this! Learning how to dodge is the easier way to increase your chances of survival, so you can shoot back longer.
    – Aiming. That’s the key for fast killing. Why some people is so damn fast at aiming is beyond my understanding; but I’ve seen people (live) evolve from the low rank noob status to an unbeatable monster. I guess is like people playing tetris, the practice makes you better and better.

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