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    today i wanted to play some Fear Combat after a long time and the only server with players on it i cant connect to.

    I was banned and i dont know why. At the time i played active i was called [EU]Germanmike.

    Please let me play again.

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    I was banned from server for no reason tonite. We had like 3 crashes in a row, I left the game refreshed servers, and boom it banned me. Can you please unban me? my name is coolcat

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    Peter Koller

    Hi dear fear gamer,

    Send an email to for unban.

    My server runs with a whitelist mechanism. Who is not on the list is banned.
    Only invited guests list mode 🙂
    The only way to ban cheaters, hackers, glitchers … for ever.
    On other servers this unwanted players can create new user-id with ease
    and can attack the server and annoys the players again and again.

    All unknown new players banned. All player with name “Player” banned.
    All player with unreadable names banned. All player with high ping banned.
    All players with suspicious abilities banned.

    I will put unknown new players on the whitelist as soon as possible.

    kindly Regards

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