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    how ling

    i just got kicked from variant servers like MRSA or others servers with no reason at all. Game wont even load, just click andd kick, thats all!

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    Sounds like you were banned. Since several Server Admins share their banlists, this can mean you will be banned from most popular servers.
    I’m passing your info to the group so they can review It.

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    how ling

    whyd did they ban me. i got autokick from serv i even havent played before. iam player after long break in game like 2 or 3 years or so. its something with game, i think. Definitely not me. no cheats, no insults, no glitching none of this ever happen.
    i can play like only ctf mxt or ff or some others servers.

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    same here man. been playing till a few days ago then today I’m suddenly being kicked from every server. what’s going on?

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