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    This first project, was meant to be a quake/doom style arena map, a sort of warming up exercise in complex geometry, sewing together pieces of terrain, remodelling certain props and being just creative in general… Sadly, I couldn’t get it to run on a server after compiling, this and another bunch of personal life issues leading to me giving up this project, but I may continue, I would like to get a better grasp of the SDK as I used to have.

    Back in the good old day (Lol I was so much younger and I had a better idea of making interactive elements, such as scripted explosions, lifts, look at triggers, turrets, cameras, even porn (yes, porn as in hollywood holocaust) I even constructed a raft that could be used as a vehicle, albeit flimsy and glitchy, but it worked better than the buggy, in a map that utilized an enhanced reflective water texture) I modded for myself without drawing any attention, nowadays I continue to mod without drawing any attention by forgetting to keep the community updated, I generally don’t ask for feedback because I get absorbed until I abandon my projects mid way, I realized that never posting any material of what I was doing last year is a mistake, I should really share these with you:


    I plan on releasing my assets to those who ask me by private message to do with these as they please.

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    Quite impressive work.
    I have little time (and skills, btw) to work to the detail level I wish, so I understand how things can be. Congratulations on this 😀

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