Clan/Players Wanted!

You want to play in the CTF Tournament but have no Team?

You have a Team but need more players?

Post here! so others will know you are available and or recruiting!

Fraggednation has a feature like this too, but I’m noob and don’t know how to use It, so we offer this Space for that!

Make sure you include meaningful info: xfire, email, steam, so people recruiting know who are you.

Teams recruiting: include info like prefered language and team location.


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  1. free agent looking for a spot on a team
    FEAR: eXtreme_Camper
    xfire: 3xtremecamper
    steam: eXtreme_camper866

    Resume (or something like that):
    if I’m going to be completely honest, I’m the last person you want playing on your team, i have been playing the game for almost a year, and I’m not a master on the G2A2, but i am improving, and i know the game well enough to work well with an organized team. At the very least, I’m one more name on your roster.
    frag you later.
    -the camper

  2. free agent looking for a team
    FEAR: eXtreme_Camper
    xfire: 3xtremecamper
    steam: eXtreme_camper866

  3. I always played 1.07 untill now, yet still i’d like to join THE tournament but i dont know à lot of ppl so i aint got à team.
    If some of want to test me let me know.

  4. Include info to let people interested to contact you!

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