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Some of you might have noticed that the site was down for most of Saturday, March 21.  This was unfortunately due to some unplanned site maintenance.  help-hint

We have taken the opportunity to migrate the site to a new hosting provider, which will hopefully resolve some of the major issues with e-mail that new users have been experiencing when attempting to register on the site.

As part of the migration, we unfortunately had to rollback the site to a backup from March 14.   If you registered on the site between March 14 – 19th, please register again.

“I will rip the heart out of my enemy and leave it bleeding on the ground because he cannot stop me.” S.O.G.

FEAR has taken a competitive twist ever since Phreeze and friends brought us SEC2 and the new CD-Keys. Now with a player base as old and as skilled as most players are this really creates a skill gap between the new and old players.

Newbie’s Don’t get frustrated!

But how do you get as good as a pro player? In the FEAR community, there’s always people playing, people who may or may not be better than you. Where do you fit in, and how do you get higher up on your ladder to gaming greatness?

One can never learn enough and is constantly learning, same applies to the FEAR community. These simple tactics that are formulated through reading, learning the hard way through constant experience, or just instinct will help you step it up in the game. Fast paced, twitch reaction, and no hesitation will help you prevail. Here’s a few pointers that you might benefit from.

  1. Know your weapon. Take a look at the current map. Size, how many players, what type of map it is ( be it urban, open scape, closed hallways indoors), and your play style all must come into play with this.
  • VK-12 Shotgun is a great weapon, but only under a select few circumstances. Same goes for the RPL. Consider if you’re in a tight quarters map. Shotguns are too slow when trying to get more shots off, However shotguns give you the ability to rake down hallways with lead, leaving whatever poor soul is stuck in front of you to be mowed down.


  • RPL Sub-machine guns are great since in the FEAR world, their accuracy at full automatic is relatively the same when you run just as if you are standing still, giving you the advantage of strafing, jumping, ducking, without the loss of accuracy with an assault rifle. However the RPL sub machinegun lacks the knock down power needed in most fire fights.


  • 10mm HV Penetrator The accuracy and range of the 10mm HV Penetrator is perfect for blasting people at 60 yards with 3 or 4 shots to the body. The 10mm HV Penetrator is a great and powerful weapon for the mid-large maps. It has all most no recoil or bullet spread while standing still. However it fires slow and reloads even slower. The best thing about this weapon is its awesome knock down power. There is a reason some call it the nail gun. It will literally will nail your opponent to the wall..


  • G2A2 Assault Rifle By far the most popular weapon for all FEAR pro players. It is very balanced and reloads relatively quickly. The G2A2 is very accurate while zoomed in however take note that when you move your accuracy goes down the drain, especially when jumping, you can almost always destroy an opponent by standing still or crouching and not moving. With an enemy jumping all over the place you may get hit 1 or 2 times, but with you planted your firing rate and accuracy will be on top of them, pounding them with rounds before they even hit the ground. Moral of the story: plant yourself and let loose that itchy trigger finger on people who want to jump and jive.


  • ASP sniper rifle is self explanatory. Just make sure you have a nice vantage point, preferably slightly above your enemy. If using the ASP sniper rifle you will reign if you find a nice corner and sit down with a hard hitting, fast firing, 3 round burst sniper rifle, pounding countless rounds into people spawning and running around corners.


  • Dual AT-14 pistols are a great choice when playing close combat maps and the 36 rounds before reloading last longer than any one fire fight. The AT-14 rounds hit hard and fast and are the favorite for players that love to rush the enemy.


    2. Understand the Game.

  • It sounds like a textbook concept, but if you don’t know how something works in any given situation, you aren’t going to train at your full potential.
  • Learn everything about the maps you play on, such as important item areas, vantage points, secret (or just less visible) locations, and “sucker zones” (areas where players are the most vulnerable).
  • Learn the weapons or units and how to use them in more than one situation effectively.
  • Learn about strategies, tactics, and game breaking moments that other players speak about on FB or the community web site, and use this to your advantage

    3. Practice, practice, practice!

  • Join an empty server by yourself. Play around with the game, and get a feel for the timing, speed, and caution you need.
  • Practice grenade throws and the speed and distance you can accurately throw one.
  • Practice reloading as this is arguably the most venerable time during a fire fight.
  • practice your ability to use sounds to your advantage.
  • Practice Unarmed attacks as these are very important and very hard to defend against.

Read the FAQ section for more information on how to set the game options for better performance. Also read the forum as there is a wealth of information in there as well.

enjoy the game 🙂 its all about having fun with friends!