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Round 2 RATS vs. FTL

Rush and Agressive Team – RATS vs. For The Lulz – FTL


RATS had the early advantage, with what almost looked like an all out attack. While FTL happily soaked up their attacks with a strong defence consisting of an aggressive outer base defence with one top and the other bottom!

Around the half way mark FTL started to be the dominant team and thus pushing RATS to defend deep on their flag losing out on vital supplies of Med Kits and Armour, but they held strong for the most part! A few times a RAT player managed to slip through FTL’s siege to touch the flag which was always short lived as with no back up and quick team work by FTL they were quickly shot down!

By nice cover of all the FTL team CCCP managed to capture the flag with 1:44 left on the clock. I defiantly was seeing this going to sudden death! (more…)

Clan/Players Wanted!

You want to play in the CTF Tournament but have no Team?

You have a Team but need more players?

Post here! so others will know you are available and or recruiting!

Fraggednation has a feature like this too, but I’m noob and don’t know how to use It, so we offer this Space for that!

Make sure you include meaningful info: xfire, email, steam, so people recruiting know who are you.

Teams recruiting: include info like prefered language and team location.


How to join the CTF tournament on

To join a ladder or a Tournament you have a few options.

FEAR Combat Click this link to take you there

This ladder is open to the general public. If you wish to compete on this ladder simply choose the ladder that drops down from the public ladder area (or click the link above).


Once you choose the ladder you wish to compete on, look to the right side of the ladder standings page. You will see a blue link that states:


If you do not have a team yet, the system will automatically take you through the process of getting a team on the ladder. You will have three options to choose from:

— Create a Team (if you don’t have one yet)

— Join a Team (if you want to join a friends team)

— Choose your team from the drop down

It is your choice on what you decide to do at this screen. Most of the time it is better to set up a team prior to trying to join a team.



Once you created a team it will be ineligible until 4 player join and once the 4 players join your team it becomes eligible and will be placed on the brackets.

There is also a 1v1 tournament ladder in progress look under the join ladders section of competitive play.

You also have the option of joining ladders and tournaments by following these instructions:
Select “My FraggedNation” >> Select “Joined Ladders” or “Joined Tournaments” >> The Select “Join a Ladder” or “Join a Tournament”
Following this method should be used if you know the ladder or tournament you wish to join.  There is a simple set of instructions that will be shown as you attempt to join these different ladders or tournaments.



CTF Tournament! Test your team skills, and Get ready!

Update: We will move the tournament to a better registration system, so please register here


CTF Tournament Sponsored by the FEAR gaming community and

So you think your clan is ready for a tournament. Put your team skills to the test and register your team today. To start the Tournament we need all the clans or teams to sign up and register. This will be a random placement to start. Updates on team rankings, screenshots & videos will be done weekly or as events unfold!


Capture the Flag Tournament Rules & Guidelines

Tournament structure

  • This will be a playoff type tournament.
  • Teams advance to next round by winning a best of 3 match set.
  • There is no limit as to how many teams a clan may enter, however a player can not be on multiple teams.
  • Matches will be played with 4 players per team.
  • Matches must be played within a 2 weeks of the scheduled date, but playing matches as quickly as possible is encouraged.
  • Each match requires 2 referees (1 per team) to enforce the rules and take screen shots and videos

The Server guidelines

  • The servers will be provided by the FGC (FEAR gaming Community) and can be reserved in the Fear-Community tournament forum.
  • Map schedule is provided by tournament admins.
  • 12 minute round time
  • 10 minute overtime
  • 2 Med packs
  • 2 remote bomb
  • 2 proximity grenades
  • 3 grenades
  • 1.3 run speed
  • No super weapons

Gameplay RULES:

  • Hyper-punching,  leaning are accepted!
  • No side stepping or sound glitching!
  • No Map glitching (looking through walls etc.)
  • No hacking
  • Each unique player can only be a member of 1 team.

Register here

Please post on the forums or contact Fred,Phreeze, WhippingPost or Morda for more information.