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  1. cant believe kgb going through because of not being present when we wanted to play them!!!!!!!!!!!
    thx a lot referees for organizing so goooodd
    brz3zio was the only referee i agreed with beacause his judgements were fair
    nex tourny …hopefully u guys would learn fro ur mistakes and improve

  2. Remember the official place for date/time negotiation is the forums:

  3. @PrimeOO – they won vs MXT yesterday . that gave them an advance to next rounds. all here is clean and legit and fair.

  4. look v team captain stop make waves…we are in playoffs not your team.we already agreed with the lose of the match with your team .
    now about playoffs…its not fair…its supose to play 1st team from a group with 2nd team from other group….this is not normal…wrong matches.

  5. yes ologu i agree with u on the second part
    and i changed my mind

  6. it would be Rats vs team wp in final and rats will win
    go russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!woot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Red-green-štyle

    lol Prime)))
    i think that playoff is good!!! always in sport first teams playing vs seconds!!! cuze u need reason to be first in group for play with more weak opponent) MMA team is lost our challenge and we have best different of points in group) so we r first there)) in playoff system is good) every stage will more interesting!!)) thnx for organization)

  8. “always in sport first teams playing vs seconds” I agree.. but here is not like this. scheme of this playoffs is : 1A-1C,2A-2C,1B-2B,1D-2D . This is wrong !
    And you aren’t first in your group , man understand this already … MMA is first. look here: http://binarybeast.com/xFear1303240#groups BINARYBEAST.COM is not lying and cheating. They put MMA in first place so they are there. You have draw vs them but anyway, binarybeast mechanism decided to put MMA above RATS.end of story.
    Every stage is interesting , ok I aggree. but anyway, this playoffs system is wrong … very wrong. Not only me is thinking that way.

  9. Okay, first time was random, but since we have a bunch of weiners in the crowd, I will redo it with a seeding system that ranks in order of:
    – # of wins
    – # of draws
    – average score differential (excl. draws and win by default matches)
    – #1 in group = guaranteed top 4 seed

    seed 1 vs 8
    seed 2 vs 7
    seed 3 vs 6
    seed 4 vs 5

  10. much better

  11. now its ok

  12. Red-green-štyle

    omg brez…i gave u arguments…we have best difference of points and MMA did not agree our challenge…so?? who first??? they first on site, cuze first letter in name of team “M” and our “†”…so they r automaticaly first)) but all know who first)) we dont care vs who playing)) if u want to play vs wP so play)) we can try vs dP )))

  13. @red-green-style: Actually MMA has a slightly higher score differential (MMA=482 vs RATS=474). As for the scheduling issues, it takes two parties to agree on a time. Unless there was a forum post from *both* team captains agreeing to a specific date & time, and one of the teams did not show up at the agreed time, then we are counting it as a draw.

  14. Red-green-štyle

    yeap Phreeze)) as i said early i dont care about who first)) but cant understand how can to be their score higher if they did not play vs RaW) and there just 1-0 1-0 for MMA)) and we played all matches and were taking more points) but their score still higher…for me is delirium(

  15. ₣☼χħậǘŋІŘĂŤŠ†

    Right. MMA play only 2 matches (NGK, MXT), we played 3 matches (NGK, MXT, RAW), and we had amazing score after every match, how they can be on 1st place? mmm?)

  16. MMA played 3 matches. RAW was disqualified on their match against MMA because their team did not show up. That’s not MMA’s fault.

    If “win by default” matches were not counted as wins, then this would allow a team to give up in the middle of the match and hurt the other team’s standing.

    Also, rather than assign an arbitrary score (e.g. 500 – 0) for a defaulted match, it makes more sense to just exclude the score totals when computing the average score differential.

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