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New user registrations still disabled

Due to a fatal HD failure in our hosting service, we need to restore an older backup.

To prevent more registered users losing their accounts, we disabled it again until a better restore point is used.

This process will take several hours, but the game functionality is not affected.

When the maintenance ends, new user registrations will be enabled again.

New users registered yesterday that didn’t get a CDKey will get it then too.

Meanwhile, a new SEC2 update for servers will be released next weekend; we are getting close to 2.0.6 final, the last update before 2.1.0, that will focus on new features long time expected.


1k Users

We are happy to anounce our first 1000 registered users.

This could not have been possible without all of the dedicated people behind this project, and of course your support!

We would also like to announce the following milestones that have been achieved:

  • 250 active new FEAR players using new cd-keys obtained from fear-community.org
  • 30 dedicated FEAR servers running SEC2 v2.0 Beta

This is a significant change from one year ago when Warner Bros. had effectively halted growth of FEAR Combat by stopping to give out new keys, and SEC/Retail servers were left compromised to server crash exploits and no active developer support.

With the upcoming public/final release of SEC2 v2.0, and the continued support of the community, we expect a return to highly populated servers and a great multiplayer experience for all!



New Installer coming

This weekend We will complete a new installer that will allow you to get FEAR Combat 1.08 in a single file, and support for new keys from install and easy FEAR CDKey Editor.

This Installer will support several languages, starting with English and Spanish, but other will be added soon. And the best Is you can have several languages installed simultaneously.

Initial release date is scheduled for this weekend, the extra languages will be added as soon as I can get the localization files, this can take more days but I hope is 1 or 2 weeks at much.

I want to say thanks for the huge support to the existing players, and the new ones, please be patient as we are working as much as we can to offer you a good gaming experience!

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