SEC2 (Win32) Beta

SEC2 (Win32) build is now ready for beta testing.

In order to prevent too many versions out in the wild during the beta phase, the package will be available by request only.

Please contact =MXT=Fred.cpp or [eAu]Phreeze if you are a F.E.A.R. server admin interested in testing the beta.


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  1. hi my friend give me this new seс2 want it to mail (Edited)

  2. you want the windows version?

  3. Would i be able to get the mac version please?

  4. Sorry, but F.E.A.R. dedicated server does not have a Mac version.

  5. Then can i get the windows version?

  6. Already mailed It to you ^_^

  7. fred dude i got a problem with my windows 32bit server all time when i loggin with my keay from this site i became invalid error but when i want join SEC2 FEAR Servers no error Oo.
    what is wrng with my server ? any other patches for win server ore im to glad ?

  8. realy realy thx thats nice support im so happy for fast featback

    BIG BIG thx Admins

  9. If your server doesn’t have SEC2 installed, you won’t be able to join It.
    We encourage you to run the server using the FEAR Dedicated Server, is a small download (150 MB) and this way you can Install SEC2 and let the server run without need to play on It.

  10. i got other question about coop maps.
    my frends happy with playing on team (TDM) on COOP maps but for me that maps not new.
    so now to my question 🙂
    any way to became a coop editor for millions new maps??
    ore any otehr maps i got at the moment 21 COOP maps on my server (COOP Only) best server for test and training 🙂
    when anyone got more coop maps ore way to creat self coop maps send me please a mail
    ( )

  11. well, It’s hard to create maps; creating coop maps is harder 🙂
    There are some tutorials on the net for creating maps, but I don’t know If there is any for coop maps.

  12. Hola, esta nueva version soporta redireccion de archivos? y como puedo conseguir esta version?

  13. Ueah It supports Redirected downloads.
    I can email It to you.
    Si, los soporta.
    Te la puedo mandar por correo, esperalo.

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