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    I recently dug out my old copies of the F.E.A.R. MP Beta.
    How hard was it to get the game working without the original master server?
    I have been trying to get the server settings to work from the Beta to the Sec2 version as they allow for differant movment in game.
    But am having no joy, would it be a challange to get the beta working on the Sec2 servers?

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    About how hard was It, think It this way:
    You know a great pilot for alien ships… But there’s no Alien Ship to drive. You gotta make one…

    About making the old Versions to work with FEAR in previous versions, It would be hard, because 1.08 has several changes respect older releases. and SEC2 is based in 1.08 with several improvements; so I think It’s really hard.
    If you want some specific features, like dropping Meds when you die, that can be changed in the database, I think. Other than that, I doubt there’s much to do.

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