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    Here you can request admin’s advice in tournament related topics. We will try to assis you on all questions you have.

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    CJ ( GR & TGS ) wants to switch team, I haven’t managed they to post here, so I do for them. Please comment about It, remember what happened in the previous tournament.

    [13:37] =GR=Giorgo$: hi
    [13:38] =MXT=Fred.cpp: hello
    [13:38] =GR=Giorgo$: i want to tell you some probs
    [13:38] =GR=Giorgo$: CJ joined first in GR clan and 2 months later he joined TGS so,cj is mine right?
    [13:39] =MXT=Fred.cpp: where does he want to play?
    [13:39] =GR=Giorgo$: gr
    [13:39] =GR=Giorgo$: he can play with us
    [13:40] =MXT=Fred.cpp: I told plastiras to post to the forums,
    [13:40] =MXT=Fred.cpp: did he?
    [13:41] =GR=Giorgo$: what u want from this post he told me
    [13:41] =GR=Giorgo$: ?
    [13:42] =GR=Giorgo$: can cj play with us?
    [13:42] =GR=Giorgo$: why u have this problem
    [13:42] =GR=Giorgo$: and dont allow him
    [13:43] =GR=Giorgo$: his first clan is Nrw he left from this and first he joined =GR= and ….later TGS
    [13:43] =GR=Giorgo$: so we can play with CJ?
    [13:44] =GR=Giorgo$: you sleep?
    [13:44] =MXT=Fred.cpp: no, I’m kinda bussy
    [13:44] =MXT=Fred.cpp: anyway, Is not like I don’t want him to play
    [13:44] =MXT=Fred.cpp: but, previously, in the previous tornament everybody agreed on don’t allow anyone play in 2 teams
    [13:45] =MXT=Fred.cpp: and he already played in TGS.
    [13:45] =MXT=Fred.cpp: If you think other admins could think different, post here about It:
    [13:45] =MXT=Fred.cpp: explain to the other admins why CJ wants to change team, from TGS to GR
    [13:46] =GR=Giorgo$: from GR to TGS
    [13:46] =GR=Giorgo$: a
    [13:46] =GR=Giorgo$: yes
    [13:46] =MXT=Fred.cpp: post about It there
    [13:46] =GR=Giorgo$: can i speak with other referees about it?
    [13:47] =MXT=Fred.cpp: you do It by posting there….

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    que onda vato loco forever carnal

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    Hola! que milagro. Qué hay de nuevo? 😛

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