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    Could new weapons and player models be added to FEAR Combat?

    I was playing around with the Bastard Mod for a few days and in the download description on and I started to think about
    ideas I’ve had for the game. For instance I remember how ‘Perseus Mandate” had multiplayer that unfortunately, no one played. The weapons were awesome, so what about importing those weapons into FEAR Combat? Bastard mod has an awesome flame thrower, how about entirely new weapons? We’ve got plenty of new levels, what about more character models to choose from?

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    Short Answer: No.
    Long Answer: Yes, but… That only would work in Install Mods, like Coop Warfare and Bastard Mod. The problem is people need to install It and then search servers running It (Or host It by themselves). And If you got Bastard working you know Is not that easy as the stock game. Another option is to do what we did in MXT CTF, overide a weapon with a new one; we replaced the ASP with a new ASP model that works exatly the same, but looks different; or in the extreme case, what we did with RPL: Turn It into a minigun, but you can only modify the weapons, can’t add new ones.
    About Models, well It’s the same, but is virtually impossible because of the amount of work needed to create a single working model ( our Modeler, =MXT=Boogman gave up on that because creating weapon models was 1/50 of the work needed to create a character model).

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    Is it impossible to somehowe import models from single player game?
    I’d love to see that heavy armored guy in multiplayer!

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    And how would you justify the fact that some of the players look so badass compared to the regular players?
    About If It Is possible to import them. they can’t be directly imported. Some work can be done to bring them to multiplayer, but they wouldn’t work fine because of size and they would also be hard to remake to work in multiplayer.
    About other Models, we recently Added this:

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      “And how would you justify the fact that some of the players look so badass compared to the regular players?”

      I thought it could be a game update available for everyone.
      Too bad it’s impossible.

      BTW, what do you mean by size? File size? Size of a model? Just curious.

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    What I mean is, Armored soldiers are too different, even in size. You couldn’t just add them to the game without making It somehow different from the rest of the models.

    About updates, general directive is to keep the game running as is.
    For modifications, every server owner can mod It to look whatever they want to, but the game as is will remain untouched. This is good because minimum 50% like the game as is. We shouldn’t force people to get those changes without allowing them to revert to the original version.

    About size, I mean armored soldiers are taller than stock Multiplayer soldiers. They are not compatible.

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    BTW, we will release the NanoSuit models for everybody to use them in the next weeks. as a addon for Server owners to use If they want to.

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