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    Corned Beef 1v1s is back up and running..
    Come have some 1v1 fun! No PW required, TWL mods

    Cya there..

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    Are you sure Is It good IDea to keep It without password? ^_^
    Anyway nice to see It back 😀

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    Hi FRED, great seeing you today! Probably not a good idea, as too many NOOBS are joining in as soon as they get there, interupting 1v1s. I’m requesting that an admin from this forum MOVE my topic to COMMUNITY, as I have posted in the wrong section.

    As for CB 1v1s…people PLEASE! Understand this is a 1v1 server only. Anyone may join to observe and play, HOWEVER…upon joining PLEASE respect any match that is going on at the time. DO NOT spawn in, wait your turn and you will be able to challenge another player. I’ve already had to BAN a few retards that can’t read, or were unwilling to comply with CB’s rules.
    Let’s have fun by following server rules, and I assure you everyone will be treated fairly. Myself and HB, (that’s right the legendary HB is back!) are the only 2 admins, please respect the rules.

    =DF=Indian, Zorlac, or whoever I feel like being at the time. 🙂

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    Forgot to mention… the server has NO PW protection at this time. This is ONLY temporary, until most of the community is aware of it’s existence and we build a group of 1v1 players. After that is established, I will PW the server. PW can be obtained through my xfire when it’s ready.


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    Well yeah, the problem is that as you said, people who has no clue about 1on1 will join and spawn.
    people who know about 1on1 already know the old pass, so I think It would be better to lock It.
    And well I’m happy to see the server back ^_^ some friends were asking since forever for private servers in USA 🙂

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    Looking into renting a stand alone. I need to ensure it’s gonna be worth the money, so this is just a home server test. If i get enough players, and maybe host a few 1v1 tourneys, then I’ll rent.

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    corn beef taste good

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    what about using the same settings than the latest tornaments?
    They were decided after huge, huge discussions about It.

    Here It Is. Basically: 1 Med, 3 nades, runspeed 1.3

    [wpdm_file id=6]

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