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    Hey Fred

    I had a little extra time and thought I would make you a new model. I got a real nice looking female NanoSuite 2 for the game. I know you asked for a female and a NanoSuit a while back, I just didn’t have the time. The model has not been fully tested, but I’m sure it will look great. I created the diff, nor and spec maps for it, they are all 1024 x 1024. I did test it with some of the stock animations and it looks good. If you want it let me know. It should be put on a server and checked before real game play. The model is a little high on the poly count but it should be ok.

    Verts: 1591
    Edges: 4753
    Faces: 3165
    Tris : 3166 <— under 5000 but over 2700…!
    UV’s : 2490

    I will post a picture on the Fear Community FB page.

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