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    And yeah, you need to install the full thing for WorldEdit to work properly.


    A few years ago I tried to get some of the player ideas for maps and mods to the right people (players who make maps and mods). I failed because I forgot the password to the web site that I made lol.. I also failed because no advertisement for the idea.

    Here is a link to the web site

    Maybe we can make a community page dedicated to this idea. What do you think?



    Alvares Edvardo

    A site just for the design? I have personally worked with append weapons effects and the characters in the editor.


    I’m going to take on Quakey, Doomey Arena style maps, i’ll take inspiration from both as well as community maps, rather than just copy-cat them, I plan to implement custom textures and soundtracks while utilizing the least of the games original assets, I also intend to go for Giger maps, but maybe i’ll just throw Giger into the equation for the first map, Giger textures, lots of low poly work, to bring back an era gone in gaming.



    Nice to see that people still realize their ideas, good luck ­čÖé

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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