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    some action of daddy. he taped it just for me, what a good sport.

    but yeah,pretty much just the usual. nothing special….


    @ Anrkhist @ exhail

    i’d love to hear your opinions.



    Why is this from HappyStick’s computer? I told you already in the other thread before you posted this video to post one where we the people see you from your point of view and your “skills”. You have yet to prove and dispel what we’re asking of you. I don’t think you’ll ever be able to record one of yourself. Let the excuses begin.
    #Scared #NotClean #Scrub



    ok heres the solution…play me now and ill record. hahahaha…..what happened…whats your excuse?

    don’t say “i’m not a skilled player” LOL! aww…



    if you want….fuck it, i’ll do it for yall.

    ill have my my phone record it on the screen. and vid it at the same time (i whip your ass that is )

    that’ll do the trick….there ya go….yes or no question…




    Why are you so unoriginal? You keep taking my lines and using them for yourself.

    I already laid the terms out, post a video of yourself recording from your computer i.e., fraps, xfire, etc


    Pray tell, what is the crappy pixelated footage from your phone going to prove?

    keep on stalling, you’ve already proven me right that you can’t post a simple vid of facing someone worth mention from your computer.


    I refuse to face some hoodrat that is unworthy and not clean.






    ur dumb officially,i said ill record a billion times. i said give me 1 of ur “high skilled players”, sorry but i dont know any on ur team. i offered the phone footage to show u as extra proof that theres nothin fishy goin on, ONTOP of frapsin it as well. so u get the best of both worlds. i know u were so eager to cream ur pants to this skill caught on cam for first time in millenias. shout out to pop for givin me that footage tip. now i can record without lagging. i never recorded before cuz i had that problem.

    no ones stallin kid, only you now, and i know your punk ass is online.

    btw wheres your pic at kid, i wanna see how u look like. probably look like a lil inbred hillbilly…you talkin bout knockin people out but i know my knockout power would have u floored out within 5 seconds.







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