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    Hi all! I have lurked for a while occasionally when I get interested in producing a modded MP version of F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate for my buddies that play at my annual LAN. I wanted to do some modding and slowly over time modify a lot of the graphics and eventually player models and pack it up as an installable ISO of the FEAR PM game for me to use at my LANs. I own 16+ hard copies of the game but will be hosting the modified ISO on a LAN file server for installation on a temporary basis for members to install for the LAN event.

    I figured there should be a lot of similarities between these games in regards to file formats and file structures so I have some basic questions regarding modding the textures for certain items in the game. I am wanting to start off by modifying the Armacham posters and some of the propaganda with custom logos and images and then slowly modding textures for many other things.

    For starters what is main image format that textures should be saved as before they become .dds files? I was guessing PNG but I have a hard time getting them implemented properly. I am using the FEAR Public tools and Noesis for converting the .dds to PNGs to edit in Photoshop. I edit the tag at the end of the file to .dds before I save the modded image and the file shows as a .dds in properties but it doesn’t seem to work right or at all in the game.

    I did recently try modding the three kiosk screen images with no results leaving the screen blank with just the “static” texture moving over the screen. Any ideas on how to fix this? This was for the “Office” MP map in FEAR PM.

    I am just starting in working on this mod so it may be a while but I will use this post to update if I run into any more questions. Thanks!

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    well figured a lot out just now. Needed to get the dds add on for GIMP and use that to convert the PNGs to dds formats. That solved a lot.

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    Any one have information on how to mod the “screensavers” on the Armacam computer screens and the XPS screens? They seem to be 128X128 videos but I am unsure of the file formats that need to be compressed and how to implement them. Thanks!

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    Alvares Edvardo

    screensavers on monitors this video bik format, which are then added to the prefab texture with a special type of material, dismantle advise Prefab with such textures, everything is easy.

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    Use DDS photoshop plug in
    for Bik video use bink tool

    Btw I have myself created an expension for FEAR Combat using perseus mandate database for Epic LAN experience. I ripped off all content related to MP from perseus mandate and put those files into FEAR Combat (weight 4 GO not the files but total, so the mod + FEAR combat, good for Lan transfert speed). Have the FEAR Combat experience + the stuff from perseus so FEAR Combat expension.

    Get it here :

    Its only for Lan, if CD key fail then just change a letter or number to another one in the Key.ini, all players must use different key.ini

    Okay I did not test it but just put those files into your root folder and start the FEAR Combat XPMod.bat

    This mod add:

    -All perseus weapons + turrets
    -Rebalance weapons, nerf super weapons
    -Keep the FEAR combat experience, no super damage, gravity change or shit like that
    -All perseus players models
    -All Stock maps added new weapons in them
    -All Stock maps more dynamic, more physic objects
    -Added perseus weapon crates and grenade crates in Stock maps
    -Added new paths in stock maps
    -Added secret horror stuff in stock maps
    -New stock maps are called V2, so the original are still there if you prefere
    -Updated graphic
    -Added weapon FX (some guns now smoke after they fired example)
    -Some custom maps that are fun like the quake arena map
    -All in seperate archive so you can disable the stuff you dont like
    -Added new modification for the MPCustomization (slowmo speed, flashlight intensity, body part damage, footstep sound radius…)
    -But No perseus map, I remove them, they add too big in filesize

    *I still need to fix some oddly placed killing object such as explosive box in stock maps for this mod

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    Alvares Edvardo

    Weapons of Perseus only work in multiplayer? In our version 1.08?

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