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    The first thing I did was install the SEC2 patch. That allowed the server list to populate, but I couldn’t connect to any servers without a valid cd key. Since entering the cd-key I was given when I registered with this community the server list no longer populates when I select Find Severs and the game freezes.

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    Me too..!! Anyone?

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    If the Game freezes, then Is because IT can’t connect to the master server to get the serers list.
    This usually is because of the firewall blocking the game. If you have firewall off, maybe your antivirus just doesn’t like the adress.

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    The cd-key has nothing to do with the server list, so if it’s freezing now and wasn’t before, then like Fred said, something is blocking your connection to this URL:

    It could be firewall/AV, or it could be something else, but it’s definitely not because you input a cd-key.

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    CD-key notwithstanding, I have the same problem with the freezing.

    Whenever I go to multiplayer and query servers, I get one (1) or two (2), usually RAW recruits servers.

    And as soon as I click on a server in that list (clicking only on the server, not on “join”), the game freezes.
    Every single time.

    I do access the serverlist-ingame.php file without issue.

    Of note, it seems the RAW servers are in France, and since I’m french (even though my system and games are in english), is there a configuration somewhere that somehow check and “adapt” to a region to display servers ?

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    There’s no option to filter servers based in location.
    The game can be translated to french, If you use the FEAR Launcher. It will download the language pack you choose and configure It.
    About your freezing issue, IT’s weird It actually shows some servers and then freezes. Freezing happens when you can’t connect to a service; IF freezes while searching servers, the game can’t connect to master server (so this usually means It can’t connect to anything). If It freezes after clicking a server, that means the game is trying to connect to that server to refresh server info, but fails.
    Did you check firewall / Antivirus settings?

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    My game freeze in the middle of match. All i can do is to restart PC. And it happens only while im playing fear. Any suggestions?

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      Xull: My suggestion for you it to create a new thread about it.
      This one is about freezing when selecting a server.

      Fred: Not sure what firewall settings I should check. I haven’t specifically allowed/assigned any port for FEAR, and as mentioned earlier, I can access the serverlist just fine.
      It seems I only get a (limited) list of RAW servers, sometimes a MRSA one.

      Disabling my antivirus changes nothing.

      I also noticed that it’s not just clicking on a server that freezes the game, but every second click issued while in the multiplayer “page”.

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    @pocoyo, as British said, is a good idea to create a different thread for It. Maybe your video card is overheating? try to run a software like GPU-Z and monitor the card while playing. Dust uses to cause this; but since FEAR can run at very high fps in modern video cards, that may be causing It.

    @british, I was talking about allowing the game to connect tot he web; in the allow/deny software in the firewall settings.

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    This has been the problems that occurs to me lately, did some fix that I found online but non of them work, and temporarily put my interest playing games at The issue might be the hardware, I think that’s really is, because the issue has gone after changing the graphic cards.

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    A clan mate experienced this the other day, and we solved it by killing all unnecessary programs in Task Manager.

    That said, I believe I may have found a permanent fix for this issue by replacing the HTTP client (libcurl.dll) that I was previously using to download the server list with a built in method that was previously used for downloading the MOTD (Message of the Day).

    I will be posting a new client version (2.0.2) for download very soon.

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    I get this too. I click on Find servers and it shows me “Querying servers” for an obscene amount of time and I can’t close it without logging off. Why?? 🙁 All I wanted was to play this amazing game and help it’s community grow and thrive.

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    The Firewall, or other related security solution you are using is blocking the game from connect to the Master Server. There’s no other possibilites about It. Even when you think nothing is affecting, that’s what causes this issue.

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    I have the same problem
    I want to play this game very Badly and i made a Video of my Problem

    The Antivirus program ( that i use) hasn’t any (firewall settings )because i didn’t buy that Premium Profil thing.
    I checked all out .

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    There is a serie of possible causes for this.
    Since firewall is not the problem:
    – Try running the game in Windows95 compatibility mode (This bypass some multiple references to some of the needed libraries).

    If that doesn’t fix It:
    – Apply windows updates. I am not sure why this matters, but It does when some of the dependences need to be updated.

    Let us know IF that fixed It.

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    Same problem ..

    I tried all of the compatibility mode i have .
    I want to help to fix this problem.

    I Think i should update thath Net framework thing or some of these Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

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    Apply windows updates! that works fine.
    If you still can’t, download the launcher and you can select a server to join, and It should work fine. This is a workaround we don’t like that much, but has been proved effective most of the time.

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