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    We have had some conversations about integrating mods and other versions of the game within the same client.
    The obvious issues are:
    – Multiple master servers ( ? )
    – Compatibility with the same client.

    We are open to suggestions and requests on this area.

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    Currently, my (and @eauphreeeze ‘s ) position is: multiple master servers are a bad Idea, for obvious reasons, the most important:
    – Fragmentation of the already small players population.

    Second obvious restriction is:
    – Invalid Game Assets when loading servers with a different mod/version.

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    I think multiple master servers would not be required as long as the mod were to have a modified client that supports the existing master server.

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    Yeah, multiple master servers would be more a problem than a solution.
    In the other hand, during the first stages of the Launcher development I planned to support multiple Mods; this could still work, as long as the mods were somewhat compatible with SEC2; and only would need to load extra Arch00 files.

    This is what we can currently support within the launcher.
    I made this post because I had the impression [KGB]Andre wanted to get a more open discussion about these topics, but I’m not sure now, since he continues with his development.

    I suggested him to make this modification a Mod, like Coop Warfare was, but he refuses to stop the use of an alternate master server, and a modified client; preventing some compatibility, and forcing players to choose the current mainstream version provided by FEAR-Community (Stock 1.08 and SEC2, that are 100% compatible clients), or his modified version.

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