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    You can post your comments on the latest (Besta7) Release of SEC2.

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    Hi There.
    i run this patch some days.
    its runs stable en good fixes thank you phreez!
    however i am litle bit woryd about the blacklisting of publicly available keys.
    i saw a lot of players that i know kicked becouse the blacklisting of publicly available keys.
    player Nerka and =GR=PLASTIRA$ are kicked becouse the blacklisted of publicly available keys function in [SEC2].

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    how to add a key hacker in black list of keys?

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    I added this info about Blacklisted CDKeys

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    Thanks for the feedback Holland.

    I too am a bit conflicted about the blacklisted keys. The ones from a known hack should definitely stay blacklisted, but the ones I found in the first few pages of search results on Google are probably the ones more at issue.

    My reasoning is that if someone is using a publicly available key (even unknowingly), then it is pretty easy for a hacker (or anyone for that matter) to do bad things in the name of that player.

    When we first applied Beta7 to MXT CTF over a month ago at first we noticed a large # of kicks due to blacklisted keys. Very quickly though people figured it out and they soon came back again with a SEC2 key, sometimes even within 5-10 minutes.

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    This feature is not intended to be used as a global ban list (although that may come later as a subscribe-able feature).

    We are only blacklisting keys that have either:

    (a) been made available on public websites/forums and are no longer unique to an individual


    (b) embedded into a hack program to auto-rotate keys allowing a hacker to immediately return when banned via GUID

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    it would be a good feature,make sure!Thank you for the work

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    aha oohke i understand that it will help get the hackers outsite, but what about the function Banhackers=0

    i will love that the funtion for blacklisted keys can be shutdown by server admins






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